Danielle LaPorte on Building Self-Love

An evening of “White-Hot Truth.”

Danielle LaPorte

The City of Angels… an apropos last stop for Danielle LaPorte’s nationwide “White Hot Truth” tour! On June 23rd, she rocked the house at Michael Beckwith’s Agape Church, opening with her classic candor while sharing that she might be experiencing a “vulnerability hangover.” As Danielle’s known for heart opening vulnerability and authenticity, I knew I was in for a special evening.

It was a packed house. The energy was teeming with anticipation and love for a NY Times best selling author who has earned her way into so many hearts and souls. Danielle’s heart lives in a wide open space and her sense of humor is both self deprecating and endearing. She begins by telling the audience that this show is for them and brings us all into her loving presence with a hilarious interactive session. She asks the LA participants if they’ve ever been to a Shaman? Check. Have they undergone a colonic? Check. Did they happen to have a crystal carefully tucked away in their bra? Check. Double Check. How about a crystal and a shaman while undergoing a colonic and downing a shot of wheatgrass? Check, check…followed by massive, uncontrollable giggles. Well, this is Danielle LaPorte style, quickly captivating her audience with lightness, humor and sincerity all at once.

A healthy dose of self love is what Danielle always prescribes. She’s been through it all, the ups and downs, the highs and lows and learning to discern what’s real in the self help world. In the end, we can only help ourselves. Yet, she also shares that one of the best ways to help ourselves is to reach out to another. She lives in a space of gratitude and it’s clear that she may be quite a sensation in the world of self help, yet she leaves her ego at the door and shows up with a healthy heart filled with compassion. She also knows what it’s like to hate yourself and to live in a space of low self worth. She compares self hatred to a thin strand of dental floss that’s constantly there nagging away. Her antidote to self hatred? A healthy dose of self compassion and kindness. That’s the only real medicine that exists to soothe your soul.

She begins by sharing her story, or how she earned an MBA in her own spirituality by becoming a “Truth Seeker.” She’s seen it all and experimented with just about every healing remedy on the planet. It’s been a deeply healing journey of soul searching. She also helps to dispel the notion that becoming a light worker means you’re not going to hit bottom. The spiritual path doesn’t come with any guarantees and might bring along a healthy dose of gut wrenching self realization. She lets her audience in on a little secret: she can’t heal anyone nor does she have the answers to their deepest questions. Rather, she gently urges each person to turn within to find their own answers.

In her belief system, our only job is to ask how we can truly serve our dreams and passions, and to raise our own vibrations high enough so others can see their true reflections in us. She shares an eye opening story about the Dalai Lama when he is asked about “self hatred.” With no existing translation, he’s baffled trying to understand the concept and asks if this is some kind of “mental illness?” In our current culture, self hatred is rampant and the Dalai Lama encourages us to connect to our true nature where hatred of the self isn’t possible.

Danielle also shares her perspective on anger, as she believes it’s part of wholeness. Your own personal fury can be channeled into what she calls a “chiropractic adjustment” for your system. You can’t create justice without anger. Anger can be alchemized into fuel for good, yet anger quickly turns into bitterness if carried around for too long. As she shares, we’re all in pain and it’s only when we are real with ourselves that we can be real with others. The only true medicine is compassion and self love and it’s needed most when we are in a dark space, seeing through our internal pain.

Danielle is a mesmerizing storyteller, captivating her audience. She shares a story about Stephen Colbert and the plane crash that killed his Father and siblings. He began to question everything and his Mother taught him to see life through the eyes of eternity. Everything that happens, happens for a reason, and that’s the ultimate evolution of the soul. Danielle’s philosophy embraces the bigger, overarching spiritual perspective on life. She also staunchly suggests that there is really nothing in life worth doing if we can’t find someway to help others through using our lives to serve and inspire.

Catherine Grace O’Connell, Danielle LaPorte, Angelique L’Amour, David Jackson

She wraps up the evening with a very personal, heart to heart, question and answer session. It’s a beautiful choreographed dance with her audience. One man stands up and shares, “Oprah got me through my 20’s and you got me through my 30’s.” One very big collective laugh from the audience and a grateful smile from Danielle and the room lights up! As she says, it’s been a whirlwind tour yet she’s not exhausted. It’s her Dharma, her larger purpose to serve, and she does so with impeccable grace and humor. As each person stands and shares a personal issue they’re grappling with in their life, Danielle is fully present and engaged. She creates a unique and sacred space for a lot of heart opening moments. She takes her time and doesn’t rush the process. It’s a natural exchange of tears, smiles and laughter. She’s fully vested in sharing her version of her latest “White Hot Truth” and her audience couldn’t be any more grateful. Sometimes, it’s just the right dose of Danielle LaPorte to raise the vibration of the room, leaving only the illumined glow of an audience and their beautiful reflection behind.

You can find Danielle LaPorte and “White Hot Truth” on DanielleLaPorte.com. You may also connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Danielle is also the featured guest on the Cat & Kaehler show on Tuesday, July 11th. Don’t miss her! Details to tune in below.

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