Dear Mom

It is the hell you went through to bring me here

It is the job you quit to raise me

It is the time I spent rubbing your stomach while pregnant

It is the early mornings watching Sportscenter

It is the days spent at the pool

It is the whole neighborhood at our house

It is the compliments I receive about you

It is the tough years you helped me through

It is the loss of a friend you got me through

It is the many laughs we share

It is the similarities between us

It is the cheers while I pitch

It is the lectures I get when misbehaving

It is the love-hate between our cardinals and cubs

It is the understanding that you always display

It is the stories you share about your life

It is the cooking you do with Dad

It is the open mind you possess

It is the unsweet tea I always pick up for you

It is the determination you have to help others

It is the fire you have to solve a problem

It is the love you show to friends and family

It is the daily text you send me

It is this that makes you the best

It is this that makes you my Mom..

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