Death Doesn’t Discriminate so Choose Happiness

“Tay, what if I died next year?”

I closed my eyes and gripped my blanket, wrapping it even tighter around me.

Don’t say that.

My mom had just revealed that in less than 24 hours we were going to be seeing Hamilton, the musical. As in, the musical that I had lived, breathed, and dreamed about with friends and family since it debuted on Broadway. As in, the musical that has become so much more than a compilation of catchy tunes with a heroic storyline.

It has truly inspired the unexpected, and it has ignited a movement that matters to so many…

“Breathe, Tay, just breathe. Don’t freak out.”

My hands were shaking. I felt lightheaded and in a total daze.

“I’m lucky that I love my job and make good money and can afford this. This is something that I want to experience for myself, and of course I’d love for you to come along for the ride.”

“I’m lucky”?!

Hah…Well, luck is one perspective.

But I could so clearly see that this was another instance where she was choosing her happiness once again.

“I love you.”

Resilient and determined, she has always been highly aware of her ability to shape her fortune and live a fulfilling life within her scope and capabilities.

Her own mortality gives her the strength to not live her life in fear and regret.

It simplifies her priorities greatly.

“Deep breaths, Tay. What do you want to get for dinner before the show tomorrow?”

It makes decisions such as whether or not to buy very expensive tickets to see the original cast of Hamilton a no brainer.

“What’s the name of that really good Japanese noodle place?”

Whoah there, Mom. One thing at a time!

For once, food could wait.

Right now, I was just trying to focus on doing the one thing I couldn’t do at the moment: breathing.

This was going to be an evening to remember.

I love you so so much, Mom.

Mom and I outside the theatre before seeing Hamilton, an American Musical.

Originally published at on July 2, 2016.