ACCESS Global Ed Talk: Do It Afraid!

Past Practice: I know I’ve always wanted to be a business owner but I also know sometimes my effort did not match my desire. Sad to say, but in the past, I’ve gone long periods doing absolutely nothing with my business. At times I called it lack of inspiration, but in actuality it was complacency. You see, I have a full-time job that pays handsomely in addition to my full-time business that is quite lucrative as well. I revealed this to say, my business efforts decreased because I am comfortable with both sources of income. However, I am not happy at my job and I am ready to walk away.

The life I envision does not include working at a job that fulfills someone else’s purpose but the job provides security and the thought of leaving is terrifying. There I said it. It is sabotage. I purposefully lessen my business efforts to stay comfortable at a job that stifles my existence. I know as long as I have the job I do not have to work as hard at the business because the job will make up the financial difference when business is not going well. Mediocrity is the enemy of excellence and mediocrity is comfortable and easy. So where does that leave ACCESS Global? I claim to want to build a legacy for future generations, but sometimes my actions say opposite.

Present Behavior: Take the next right step and do it afraid if necessary. I am no longer interrupting what is destined for me. I have hopes, dreams, wishes, desires and everyday I work towards them. I fear the unknown, but I am more petrified of settling. The thought of living in mediocrity is debilitating. I can not live with the “what ifs” of my future. I have to live on purpose. I have to pursue my dreams; I have to live out loud. This is my life and I dictate the outcomes. I am the captain of my ship; I am the creator of my destiny. I am committed to building a legacy and will work tirelessly to bring this to fruition: Like my life depends on it, because it does!

Steps To Building Your Legacy:

-Have an idea.

-Create a plan.

-Set goals.

-Review and work on goals daily.

-Seek assistance when necessary.

-Get educated.

-Check your progress.

-Make adjustments.

-Stay positive.

-Keep moving forward.

-Help others.

Future Outcomes: Onward, Upward and Beyond.

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