Do This One Thing Right Now to Expand Your Network of Awesome Sauce (Or Awesomeness)

It’s way easier than you think it is.

You’re awesome.

You want to connect to other awesome people.

You want to share some awesome sauce with the world.

But sometimes it sucks putting yourself out there.

It’s OK.

Life’s too short to worry about that.

Just do this.

Do it right after you read this post.

Not tomorrow.

1. Think of two people that you have an awesome relationship with.

2. Make sure these two awesome souls don’t know each other.

3. Confirm that these two awesome souls could definitely benefit from sharing some awesome sauce with each other.

4. Just introduce them (just for introduction’s sake).

5. Repeat with two other people you have an awesome relationship with.

6. Do this once per week at least.

7. Relax and revel in your ever-expanding network of awesomeness.

Microstep: Keep introducing at least once per week. Schedule it in your calendar as an appointment called “Network of Awesomeness Time.”

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