Do whatever you need to get by

I went from managing a music business and throwing parties for celebrities to leading a software team to applying for a fast-food service job in 18 months. That’s a steep, stark and overall quite shitty fall from grace. When you’re filling out the on-line form that asks why you want to join the McDonalds’ team in place of building something you thought would last for decades, it’s not an ideal situation.

But I was out of cash and out of time and the bills wouldn’t wait. I still had big ideas (don’t we all) but without a source of income I just couldn’t make those ideas a reality.

I ended up working my ass off at a bunch of service jobs while I plotted out my next steps, and it was hard. But I did it, and I got through it. You have to just run with whatever you can to get by and keep your head above water. Don’t be precious about it.

These days, I’ve got myself together. I’m focusing on building new skills and learning what I can from others before I dive back into entrepreneurship. There’s companies that I would love to work at, and I’ve now developed a healthy respect for others who know more than I do.

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