Do You Really Need An Assistant?

Use this guide to get your answer for once and all.

If you are reading this you are likely already considering how working with an assistant can provide real value to your current operation. I often speak with working professionals, heads of households and overwhelmed entrepreneurs as they explore assistant options, and I’m familiar with the big questions you might be asking yourself. Will working with someone in this role increase your own capacity? Bring you peace of mind? Level up your personal and professional life? Pay off? It’s a big decision that is fraught with concerns ranging from privacy, cost, energy to manage another person, and beyond. I’ve created this guide to help you work through these questions and figure out if the time is right to welcome an assistant into your inner circle.

Start by answering these True/False questions for yourself:
  • True or False: I often wake up in the middle of the night or get suddenly distracted during the work day because I think I’ve forgotten to do something important.
  • True or False: I never used to be late to things, and now I’m that person who can’t make it on time for anything.
  • True or False: I’ve completely missed a scheduled phone call or meeting in the last week.
  • True or False: I missed a family member or close friend’s birthday, anniversary, or other important moment entirely.
  • True or False: I don’t have at least 4 extra rolls of toilet paper in my house.
  • True or False: There are items on my to do list that have been there for over 10 days.
  • True or False: There is something in my apartment or house that has needed repair for more than a month.
  • True or False: I spend 40% or more of my time working on things other people could do.
  • True or False: I am the worst at responding to emails, texts and phone calls.
  • True or False: I’m not enjoying the full life I’ve earned and created for myself.

If you answered true to any one of those questions, keep reading. It’s time to find someone who can set you free to focus on what matters most and get back to enjoying the amazing life you worked so hard to build.

Use this simple 3 step process to begin envisioning what your assistant can take off your plate and to get a sense of how much time you would need from your assistant each week.

1. Pretend you have an assistant for 3–5 days. Keep a running list of the tasks and projects you would delegate to your imaginary assistant in one place. Start by adding items from your current to do list that you continually de-prioritize or put off doing. Add in the tasks that take the most time to complete each week like grocery shopping, online returns, waiting for deliveries, scheduling appointments and various research assignments. Now add the tasks that haven’t even made it onto your current to do list because they are trapped in your brain. Be diligent about adding to this list for 3–5 days and resist the urge to edit yourself or think too much about whether or not an assistant could do any one single task. Just make the list!

2. Turn tasks into time. Look at the list you’ve made for your imaginary assistant and estimate approximately how much time each task would take to complete. For reference, one errand takes between 30–45 minutes on a good day, the standard window of time service providers and delivery services give is between 2–4 hours, and thorough research can be completed online in about 60 minutes for a topic that isn’t molecular biology. Total up how much time you would spend doing all of the tasks on your imaginary assistant’s list.

3. Re-allocate your time. Think about the total time your imaginary assistant will spend on that list, and now look at the tasks that remain on yours. Will you be able to complete your remaining tasks in the same amount of time your assistant will need to complete theirs? Are your remaining tasks revenue generating? Bringing joy? Lifestyle sustaining or in any way more important for you to be doing than the ones on your imaginary assistant’s list? If your answer to any of those questions is yes, it is most certainly time to get yourself an assistant. Good news, you’ve already made his or her first to do list!

As you consider taking this big step, consider what would be lost if you don’t take it. Beyond giving you back time to rededicate to activities that will move you significantly forward or bring you joy, there are so many other benefits to bringing an assistant into the fold. Any assistant worth her salt with bring you peace of mind, become a trusted and objective advisor and a COO for your life, enabling you to run your world with a sense of security, confidence and control.

If the process of actually getting started with an assistant is holding you back, check out my Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with an Assistant If You’ve Never Had One Before or give us a call at (917) 912–9206.

Whether now is the right moment to hire or not, we hope this guide will help you pull into focus the benefits of starting to build your team with a strong, capable and effective assistant by your side. We’ve had the great privilege to see how impactful assistants are in the lives of NYC’s busiest individuals and families, and we can’t wait for you to see the results for yourself.

Thanks for reading. I’m Brooke Stone, Founder of GYST, NYC’s most trusted dedicated and on demand personal assistant service. Our purpose is to set people free to focus on what matters most, and I hope everything I offer here will help you do just that.

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