Don’t Give Up Your Day Job…Yet

Jay Crisp Crow
Feb 1, 2017 · 7 min read

I’m calling BS on a lot of those “I quit my job and within 6 months I’m making 7 figures a fortnight” stories.

Who ARE those women? Some kind of entrepreneurial bandits?

I’d like us to all embrace the idea that we are NOT failing at business if we take a moment, build a bridge between employment and small business ownership, and run a “side hustle” for a while.

Although some of the fierce female Facebook forums would have you believe otherwise. *

That doesn’t mean I didn’t build a bridge.

Here’s what my bridge between day job and Queen of my own Copy Empire looked like:

  • I figured out the numbers to replace my employment income, and how I was going to make that happen. (Turns out I was wrong about a lot of this, but I learned that fast!)
  • I booked two clients at hugely reduced rates for 4 and 6 months, to ensure I had a stable income for at least half a year.
  • I consoled my mother, who has worked in education since she was 22 and couldn’t imagine why I’d give up a steady income after 13 years of rocking private school administration.
  • And I hit up all my business owning friends to keep an ear to the ground for good office jobs for me, in the case I needed one fast.
  • Then I cut right back to 6 hours a week, which I still complete at my old job, directing all their community communications.

There ain’t nothing sexy about taking your 5 month old laptop to Cash Converters

because you couldn’t afford the never-ending insurance (you need PI if not PL as well to be a me), the web presence, the dosh to keep learning new skills, increased electricity, association memberships, start-up costs, stock and inventory, tech support… and the space to build a brand so that you can actually charge enough to cover all that (oh, and still feed your family in the way they were accustomed to when you were working for someone else).

Don’t give up your day job. Yet.

It’s perfectly OK to want to create something of your own. But do question the kind of CEO you will be.

  • Don’t give up your day job because you think small business ownership is going to be glam. It’s not. And the superannuation is crap.
  • Don’t give up your day job in terror you’ll never be able to go back. There’s no shame in trying, slipping up, and re-entering the workforce as an employee while you psych yourself into a position where you’re ready to leap again.
  • Don’t give up your day job because someone trying to sell you their services bullied you into believing you have a ‘lifestyle’ or ‘hobby’ business because you’re not working it full time or earning over a certain amount of money. Hair flick to them.
  • Don’t give up your day job until you are really, truly certain of your plan, yourself, and what you want to get out of the whole shin dig.

It’s only a failure if you hate it, or the kids starve.

Whatever combination of hustle/job/empire building you need to wrangle to make it work for you, that’s the right one.

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