Don’t Let Anyone Rain on Your Parade!

It’s your story, your dream, your life to live

It seemed such a good idea when you thought of it. It filled your imagination with possibilities, feelings of warmth, achievement and a sense of fulfillment. You might have planned the first steps, and felt on the path, at last, to something you’ve always wanted to do.

Then you told your best friend/partner/parent/cousin/next door neighbor about your dream goal. Within seconds, you felt the air sucked right out of your joy.

Their response; a slow shake of the head, a frown or raised eyebrow, and “Really? You can’t be serious about this!” They continued letting you know why a)it won’t work b) it’s stupid to even think of going in that direction c)what’s wrong with your life the way it is…. most people would be grateful for ….. etc.etc. You get the idea.

I believe we thrive best when we are living in our values, what’s important to us long term so that we can move as our best self. I also believe that we need to surround ourselves with, what I call, a shadow cabinet. People who listen, who are supportive of the way you want to live your life and cheer you on along the way.

You are the most important person in your shadow cabinet Your inner voice carries the most weight, it guides you subconsciously and consciously in life. What are these messages you carry in your inner mind. What do you say to yourself every moment of every day that either propels your forward or stops you in the muck of negative thinking? Let’s find out.

List three things your parents said — or say — about you that aren’t necessarily true.

List three things the people around you say about you that aren’t necessarily true.

List three things you tell yourself about you that aren’t necessarily true.

Are these points of view out of date? Unsupportive? Not relevant to you today?

It’s time to bring yourself up to date and allow the excitement of new beginnings, a vibrant exciting venture where you can learn, grow, take chances, make mistakes, recover, move on and flourish. Are you ready to have a supportive, loving, juicy relationship with yourself? A relationship that allows chances, adventure, joy? Please say YES!!!

And don’t let anybody rain on your parade

’til soon. Georgina

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