Don’t postpone your Happiness

We all want to be happy. It is in the essence of human nature to search for happiness. But are we happy?

Somewhere along the paths we travel, we condition ourselves to believe that happiness has to be earned. Earned by hard work. Earned thorough arduous efforts. Sometimes, we even begin to think we don’t deserve to be happy.

Let me tell you something.

It doesn’t have to so difficult. Being happy. It can be effortless. As effortless as you walk or talk. Even as effortless as you breathe.

Don’t get me wrong.

Happiness can be effortless. But you can’t gt there as easily. It is so easier said than done. It requires efforts to understand the psychology and philosophy behind what life is.

Who are the happiest living human beings you have ever seen?

The answer is most likely to be babies or kids. It is true. We always see them bubbling with energy and life.

As innocent kids, we never lost an opportunity to look at life with love. We laughed at the silliest of things. Even the mundane things were enough to arouse our curiosity. We were on a constant quest of seeking. Seeking just pure life.

Why is it that we lost that ability as we grew up?

We bought into the ideas of others. Grown ups, peers and other sources. We began judging. We judged our lives. We compared it with others’ and created a benchmark as to how it should be. We tried hard to fit into the bench mark.

Gradually, as we went through all the stages, we forgot to be happy. We forgot to live We forgot to love life.

We grew up. And so did our problems.

Surely, we can’t regress into being kids again. We can’t frolic around. We can’t go around pulling chairs or speaking the truth or showing our emotions and get away with it all.

But surely we can learn something from them : How to live?

We can see from them that happiness is something that is unbounded and unconditioned. It is the basic essence of a human.

It is not a commodity to be earned through efforts.

It is a way of living. It is the essence with which life is filled. And it is all waiting for us to tap into.

So, let’s begin tapping into it.

Here is what you do :

No matter what the situation in your life is, try to feel the fact that you are living and breathing. Soon, you will learn to see how wonderful that is.

Whatever obstacles you face in your pursuit in this life, just remember that they can’t touch what is really you. They can’t touch the essence of what your life is.

Never buy into the belief that you don’t deserve to be happy. The best way to counter such belief is to instantly show yourself how happy you can be, without any trigger, without any reason. Just try it.

Farewell. Happy living.