Don’t run. Write.

I try to run, again. Yoga. I do not need to do yoga every day. I’m an overachiever. Impossible to live with.

Don’t run. Write.

Be. Present.

Inspire. Others.

Say less “I”, more “we”, “you”. What’s life about? Others. It’s not so much about me. Isn’t it, about me? It’s not.

It’s about what you do for others, when you’re with others, working for others, working with others, working for your Self. All you do for others you eventually do for, your Self. You feel better. Present, alive. A whole. A whole new world. Aladdin.

So what’s next? Peru. You will go.

Stop trying to fight reality, the flow of life. Stop trying to limit your Self to this world, country, hometown. Let the Universe inspire you.

Don’t define, just do. Nike. Just do it.

I do.