Don’t define success

Success is an art, to be practiced daily.

Almost everyone today wants to be successful. Be it a skinny guy wanting to put on some muscle, an average student wanting to score an A, an amateur writer wanting to write a best seller.

As you can see, the definitions of success is varied, and it is a mystery as to how people never get to that place.

You might succeed in becoming muscular, writing an article that gathers a million views or reach a thousand followers. All your mind thinks is : what next? How to maintain it? Is that success, no? As they say, the grass always looks greener on the other side. You might be in a place, better than you were at before. But you can never reach the place that can be called the best.

If you observe happy people, one thing which you can find strikingly obvious is that they don’t define success. They don’t sit like they have reached the top of the world. They keep focusing on improving themselves than before. Could this simple mindset bring you peace?

Suppose you write an article with the sole intention of getting humongous amounts of views and hearts. Your wish might come true. However, that won’t make you feel complacent with what you have done. If you get a hundred hearts, you desire for a thousand. If you get a thousand, you desire the same thing for your next article.

Now suppose you write an article with the sole intention of getting out your message to others, you will feel satisfaction at a mere comment acknowledging your answer.

So shall we redefine “ success “ ? I know I am contradicting the title itself.But I am not going to put the definition in a bounded box.

Success is when you are able to act as per your views and beliefs. It is when your heart and mind are in coordination. It is when you do what you love and love what you do.

Success is not a magical status, but rather an art of living peacefully and happily.

One has to keep striving to improve oneself and get satisfaction in just trying to do so. The other methods which are generally prescribed, like a list of steps to do daily won’t give you lasting happiness or the feeling of success.

Farewell…just go and be successful.

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