Dope New Healthy Music

We wanted to create timeless music that kids can grow up and grow old with; exemplified in the Motown era.

Let’s heal our inner children so that we can stop creating broken homes-Nicky Scorpio

Let’s get into the brainchild of The Sophisticated Psychos.

OK…So, what’s up with the name?

Collectively, we are all intelligent beings, yet at the same time quite brutal on ourselves. We put on masks & tell everyone we’re okay, when inside we all have issues & an internal critic; we are constantly comparing ourselves & have difficulty just being in the present moment. When we as humans allow & give ourselves & others permission to be imperfect, then we can actually enjoy life. We are learning to dance on that fine line between human imperfection, ego & celebrating ourselves. — Nicky Scorpio

What was the INSPIRATION for the lyrics?

Most people think life gets better when they accomplish goals or obtain certain materialistic items…. when I get a raise, when I fall in love, when I buy a home, etc. THAT’S WHEN IT WILL GET BETTER! Then they get those things (hopefully) and see it’s only gotten harder. Turn on your television… Look at the tabloids… How are people with millions of dollars unable to have a healthy long lasting relationship? Lack of trust; fear. Why is there a 50+% divorce rate? Unhealthy patterns learned from our parents and television. Why is everyone blaming everyone else instead of taking responsibility? Hurt people, hurt people.

The lyrics come from a want & desire for us to evolve & have new healthy patterns to teach to ourselves, communities & children to stay in the present moment & always view the world with a blank canvas.

What is the MESSAGE — meaning of the lyrics?

Let’s obliterate negative thoughts, unhealthy patterns we learned from our past, fear, drama, guilt & shame, so that we can have what we really want — true happiness!

Enjoy the beautiful strings produced by Stevie Blacke. Heavenly guitar by Johann Frank & drums by Wally Ingram.

Filmed at Riverside Arena in Livonia, Michigan & St. Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church in St. Clair Shores, MI — Video produced by Ali Senegali- Edited by Mark Samano

What do you hope people will see — know — feel from hearing the single titled Obliterated?

Regardless of status, or what one person did to upset another etc., let it go. Resist wanting to be right because everyone on this planet is doing the best they can with what they know & were taught. To get obliterated is to stop being a critic on self & those we love… just let people BE imperfectly perfect. We really just want to connect everyone together.

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