Elite Music Executive Shares Secret Ingredient For Success

“Do not settle.” Davis said, “Do not settle in your business, do not settle in your relationships, and do not settle in life. Commit to only work with the best people.”

Major Music Executive, Jason Davis, has come across many people throughout his career who had big dreams, and a strong work ethic but fell short of achieving their goals. However, Davis has also worked with people who became successful because they took the time and effort to find and work with the right people.

Davis has worn many hats over the past twenty years working with new artists and well-known celebrities. He and his company, One One 7, represent some of the biggest songwriters and producers of our generation. Davis is also a founder and partner of two independent companies; Awaken Records, and Radar Label Group, and is also an artist manager with First Company Management. These companies have sold millions of records and have had many #1 Billboard hits. One One 7, is one of the top businesses in the music industry globally for developing and landing deals for talent, whether that is artists, songwriters or record producers. Davis’s ability to recognize talent and develop a team has made him a worldwide music mogul, and a humanitarian with his company, Care For kids, which feeds and protects poverty-stricken children around the globe.

“Do not wait for the right people to find you,” Davis said, “Find them. Pursue them with the same passion in which you pursue your dreams, and your work will develop from good to great, from rejection to acceptance, and from disappointment to success.”

Davis claimed this strategy of finding the right people could not only catapult a dreamer to celebrity status but also maintain their career in the spotlight for years to come. “When I’m choosing to work with someone, I ask myself, is this person at the top of their field? Are they current? Do they have good character? Are they talented? Do they have a vision? Finding the right people can be difficult, but it is essential for an artist to work with the best in the business if they want to be the best in the business. “ Davis said.

Due to his experience over the last two decades in team building, Davis has recently founded the humanitarian organization, Care For Kids, which is dedicated to helping poor children around the world in need of food, clothes, and comfort. This mission is carried out through assisting artists, speakers, authors and all others who, like Davis have sold out to working with the best people who have a passion for humanitarian aid.

“Do not settle.” Davis said, “Do not settle in your business, do not settle in your relationships, and do not settle in life. Commit to only work with the best people.”

Success is more than fame and fortune to Davis. “Working with artists who have a bigger vision than just being famous is key too,” Davis said. “With Care For Kids, we are providing nutrition and safety for kids in desperate poverty all over the world. This isn’t about just becoming famous and making money. It’s about giving back and loving a broken world.”

Davis’s secret ingredient to success is working with people who are diligent to use their gifts and experiences to bring something positive to the world. “The best of the best people have heart, passion, and character. Work with them.” Davis said.