Empowered & Free….

Tonight I made a tough choice — to announce that I will be archiving my Facebook group on Sunday 1/7/2018.

As I write this post I can feel my heart pounding in my chest between excitement, fear, and joy I am stepping into my own zone and my purpose.

I “loved” my group — but I started my group because I got caught up in the hype of groups. I hired a coach who said I HAD TO HAVE a group if I wanted to grow my business.

For two years I’ve focused on building other people’s dreams, my business was just a referral business. I’ve been a diamond in the rough and now it’s MY TIME TO SHINE!

Two years ago my business tag line — was “Sassy, Sexy, & Successful” that’s how I felt. I’m in my late 40’s and I felt like I could take on the world. The coach I hired was like OH NO you can’t say that. So I changed.

I hired another a coach, someone who I knew for a very long time and respected. In her eyes I was not doing everything because I was resisting doing videos, doing livestreams, and didn’t want to do a group.

See, in my journey thus far I’ve dealt with domestic abuse and for more than two years was going through dental and facial surgeries — so I didn’t want to be seen on video.

When I built my online virtual assistant, online business management, and my business strategy and media marketing business I did it without a F’ing Facebook group.

I’ve rebelled with business names and adventures such as “The Business Socialite”, “This Bitch Means Business”, and “I Am A Worthy Woman” — no mind you I’ve trademarked and purchased domains only to find that I was still fighting inside of myself.

These inner challenges have lead to mini strokes or TIA’s in less than 18 months and small heart attacks in less than 2 years. What the fuck — I refuse to torment my heart and soul any longer. I have no intention of sitting on the sidelines any longer —

“Nobody puts Baby in a corner” — it isn’t easy to open up like this so publicly but at the end of the day —

I AM a damn good business and strategy coach. I AM a damn good publicity and media manager and most importantly I AM A GOD DAMN AMAZING WOMAN!

I refuse to feel shame for what I believe in, my point of view, and how I want to run my business.

If you want to stay where you are in life and business that’s on you — this girl — right here — — Her time is NOW and I AM the CHANGE.

I built a multi-million dollar PR and Client Agency business that some asshole shattered when he chose to drug me, rape me and rob me. For more than 10 years now I’ve been dormant like a volcano.

NO MORE! Love me, Like me, hate me. It’s all good. I can look myself in the mirror at night and will never compromise my heart, my soul, or my business again.

EMPOWERED AND FREE — — that’s me. What about you?

I choose to work with Women who are Generation X and Baby Boomer Authors and Speakers who are ready to be the next movement. To guide the future and be the pillars of strength that this world so desperately needs.

I will not tell you what you want to hear just to make you happy. I will not sugar coat things because you are scared.

Being a Woman Entrepreneur, a mother, a daughter, a friend, a grand-mother, wife, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, and colleague is tough. Comes with trials and tribulations, tears and joy. But most importantly it comes with a hand that says you aren’t alone.

You don’t need to walk through the journey alone — I will walk with you. I will guide you. I will cry with you and cheer with you.

I will with every ounce of my being be the force you need in your business so that YOU ARE HEARD, YOU ARE KNOWN, and YOU ARE THE LEADER who makes an IMPACT in the world.

It’s work to be an entrepreneur but the pleasure and joy that comes with it is priceless.

What will 2018 be for you? Do you believe YOUR TIME IS NOW … and YOU Can Be The CHANGE? I do.

With all my heart, 
Patty xoxo

PS — more to come…. there are no strings on me and no fear!… I am fearless. I am free. I am unstoppable!

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