She was trapped and needed an escape.

One the outside life seemed grand: college graduate, great job, beautiful home, brilliant children, money in the bank, what a wonderful life, no one could image the abuse and dysfunction. It was horrible from the beginning. She had to do something so she started her business.

I met her several years ago, while in the midst of the turmoil. She needed a way out. She had no money and no options. I suggested she start a business. “The world needs what you have to offer. Someone needs to hear your story. Many women are suffering like you, you can be the light.” She began this journey by saving her spare change. Here husband filed for divorce and she had to leave the family home because she could not afford to remain. I once visited the home, 3500 square feet and immaculate; with her children, she moved to a two-bedroom apartment. She continued to work but she started her business. Initially she did not make much money but she had a plan. She kept saving and kept working. Eventually her business grew, her savings multiplied and she was able to buy her own home. No longer the timid housewife afraid to make a move, now she was building wealth, creating a legacy and planning for the future (read more).