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Expedite Your Career Goals With These 4 Steps

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1. Determine your goals.

Make them measurable, time-based and realistic.

Example: I want a start a freelance business within the next three months, generating $5,000 in monthly income.

2. Identify the people (your target audience) who will help you accomplish your goals.

Who are the decision-makers that will help you get to where you want to be? In which industry do they work? What position(s) do they hold?

Example: I want to be a restaurant manager in Denver, Colorado. Therefore, HR and hiring managers at Denver-based restaurants are my target audience.

3. Figure out where these people spend the most time online.

Which websites and blogs do they frequent? Which social media channels and apps do they regularly use? Which industry publication(s) do they trust and rely upon?

Example: LinkedIn, email, Twitter, (the National Restaurant Association’s website), Thrive Global

4. Create content that ends up in front of these people’s eyes, while conveying a message that will build value in their minds.

First off, start connecting with these people on social media, particularly more open-ended ones like Twitter and LinkedIn.

Next, determine the format(s) of content (blogging, video, photography, graphics, podcasting et cetera) you can best and most easily publish in the places where these people spend the most time online.

Then, figure out the kind of message you want to convey, in order to build value in the minds of your target audience. Do you want to convey your experience, your knowledge and expertise, your insights and skills, your innovative and outside-the-box thought process, your ingenuity, something else?

Finally, start publishing content using the format(s) you’ve determined, on the websites and social media sites you’ve concluded (based on your answer to number 3), constantly hitting home the message(s) you want to convey.

Example: I will start blogging and recording videos about how I would run a restaurant, based on my experience and knowledge, as well as how other restaurants operate (based on my observations), and how I would improve their operations, while sprinkling bits and pieces of my personality to give my content a unique, personal touch.



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