Father Figures

Happy Father’s Day! On days like today, I give thanks for my dad, John McDonald — a great Scotsman, Sportsman and Gentleman. My relationship with my father has had its ups and downs, but he’s stood by me in good and bad times and he’s a great granddad to my two kids.

Another “father-like” figure in my life would be the late Wayne Dyer. He is considered a founding father in the personal development movement, and his insights had a profound influence on me during my own journey to self-awareness, and his wisdom remains a cornerstone to my daily truth and to those whom I coach/mentor. I recently had the honor to interview Wayne’s daughter, Serena Dyer, on my weekly radio show, “Living Fearlessly” with Lisa McDonald. Serena has written a book entitled, Don’t Die with Your Music Still in You: My Experience Growing Up with Spiritual Parents. She shared some amazing and touching stories about her dad during our interview, and as a special “Father’s Day” treat I wanted to share them with you.

So, here’s to all our father figures! #LivingFearlessly

“Living Fearlessly” with Lisa McDonald/Serena Dyer