Fear is fraudulent.

It’s what we feel when we’re disconnected from all that is right in our lives.

Sure, there is a healthy place and time for fear — like being attacked by a bear or some other wild animal — but most of the time, we feel fear when there is no imminent risk to our lives. We fear what’s in front of us, likely based upon past experiences and influences, and we act accordingly.

What about the ‘present’? The here and now…

In other words, if no moment outside of ‘right now’ existed, would there be anything to fear? Would we feel scared, angry, frustrated, or stressed?

Image courtesy of Unsplash

Most of the time, the answer is no.

And, most of the time, love, satisfaction, and peace prevail.

Today’s lesson is to abandon irrational fear and maintain healthy fear if it pertains to this very moment. If irrational fear surfaces, make a note, and write down your answers to the following questions:

  • Why am I feeling this fear? (fear of past, present, or something else)
  • Since I know I am truly safe, is there another feeling I might be able to choose instead?
  • If I could choose any other emotion, which would I choose instead of how I’m feeling right now? And how can I feel this way immediately? (most of the time, it’s simply changing our minds, or deciding)

Your reality is your reality. You get to choose, as soon you acknowledge it’s a choice. A healthy body starts with a healthy mind.

Today, you’ve learned one more way to improve the health of your mind, and therefore your body. Happiness leads to great health, and you can choose to be happy whether you’re laying in bed, staring at the walls of a cubicle, or outside on an adventure.

Interpret this world the way you want to see it; not the way the media wants you to, the way your parents did, your friends do, or anyone decides for you.

You are free.

I’m so grateful for you,


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