Fear of Change

In our society we are so fearful of change. We fight against it. We deny its existence. We treat it as a great misfortune.

Look at how our culture meets death, the biggest change there is. We sterilize death. We remove it from our consciousness as best we can. Immediately, a dead person is taken away and housed in a morgue where they can not be seen. They are then dressed in finery. Dresses and suits. Ties and perfume. They are embalmed so that decomposition may not meet the eyes of those still living. Make up is put on them so that we may continue the facade that their body is not a corpse. We can pretend that consciousness somewhere inhabits them and soon, they will once again dance with the animation that had momentarily abandoned them.Death occurs “out there” and to other people. And it is always a surprise. We hear the news that “John died today” and we act shocked. “Really! I can’t believe it! That poor man! His poor family!”You can’t believe death occurred? How is it at all surprising? Death is not a surprise! It the most guaranteed thing we have in life! We will all meet it. The exact time and circumstances are unknown. But it will surely happen.Similarly, we meet all change. And this manner of meeting creates within us tumult and pain. This denial, this pretending it does not exist until we have no other choice to face it, is nothing but a disservice to ourselves.Like death, change is necessary and change is beautiful. It saves us from drowning in stagnation. It opens the doors to new flowering. To new life. Nothing can remain the same as it is. We would all die of utter boredom.If we embrace the beauty and certainty of change and death, we then embrace the beauty of life and live with a greater sense of ease and liberation.

Stop fighting. It’s here. Open your arms and accept it.

Originally published at www.scottgoolsby.com.

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