Fear of Failure, or Fear of Success ?

Each one of us wants to reach some degree of success in life, whatever our definition of success is.

Success however is not easy to reach, it requires a great amount of hard work, consistency, energy, strategic thinking, planning, executing, learning, repeating. Yet I’ve encountered many people who are in fact afraid to reach the success they envision, in part because with great success comes great responsibility. And responsibility can be challenging.

I’ve asked many friends at my college whether they’d rather be successful or mediocre in their professional future. The answer was quick: successful. So I had to figure out a way to get answers that came more from a logical introspection, rather than from just instinct. I decided to ask more detailed questions regarding their vision of success. Questions like: “if you were to become successful in one field, what would that be?” They’d tell me the field they were interested in, and then I would ask which position they’d like to hold in that field. Out of the 47 people, 39 said CEO, the remaining eight were artists. I kept asking even more specific questions, such as “do you know what the general duties of the CEO of a company are? Do you take in consideration that being a cutting edge CEO is not a 9/5 job but is a position that will require you to work 105+ hours a week if you need to reach specific goals and if you really want to be successful at it? Or whatever your ideal success is?” You’ll need to devote your life to materialize your vision.

Moments of silence arose.

I often hear people saying: “by the age of 25 I want to become a millionaire.” Guess what, me too! Me too- but how would you go about reaching that goal? How? It is important to take a close look at the myriad of pieces that make the puzzle we call success. We need to extensively appreciate, understand, and fully realize that the road to success is a process, a journey that requires an ineffable amount of diligence, hard work, and perseverance.

You gotta be willing to focus 1000% on you, and how you yourself are going to dent the universe, and materialize your vision. You gotta be willing to give up procrastination, and all of the habits that can slow down your journey. And if you dedicate not 1000, but 10000% of our energy and focus toward our goal, and work consistently and painstakingly toward reaching it — really trying to tear it apart from cosmos and materialize your vision into something physical that you’ve been working on for so long — YOU WILL SUCCEED! You will success and you will not fear the responsibility that comes with success, because in the first place you’ve worked so hard to reach that success that now responsibility is no obstacle in comparison! LET’S GET IT!

this is the video where i act out the words i’ve written above — All the way Up! ❤
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