Feed Your Demons [the ultimate manifesto]

Feed your demons.

Floor the gas pedal. Kiss your sweetheart so hard your cheekbones hurt. Get inked. Get high. Break dishes and noses of douchebags. Sing drunk on the streets. Sky dive. Smile to the kids that look at you through the car window at the stop-light.

Feed your demons, because your demons are YOU.

The real you, non-pasteurized, non-refined and non-modified by moral cliches, family expectations and opinions of the society.

Feed them, because otherwise they will devour all that constitutes YOU leaving only an empty package of what is considered a human being. Just an epidermal enclosure of a personality, filled with insecurities instead of experiences, unsatisfied desires instead of feelings, toxic unrealistic fantasies instead of confidence.

Feed them before they break loose, tear your soul apart, then explode like an oxygen tank that lost integrity, burning away in seconds, dragging you to the very bottom of existence, where you will be doomed to serve your vices, instead of directing your ventures.

Feed your demons, instead of being afraid of them or embarrassed by them. Leave the fear and the shame to those, whose demons have long been dead.

Disclaimer: this post is written by a person who speaks English as second language. Although I work hard on my writing in English, it naturally isn’t perfect, and if I let it get in a way I would never share my message with those who may need it right now.