Find More Life in Your Life

How to Find a New Normal.

Work, family, health, financial, relationships, goals, and personal expression like hobbies … the list of life’s subjects is infinitely unique for each person. For most of us, each and every day is full of action. We rise. We move. We do what we need to do. There isn’t a lot left for what we want to do.

Here is how to find more of life to do what matters most and realize a New Normal:

Take yourself off Autopilot. When we become aware of our breath, ourselves, our thoughts and our choices, we tune in to life from a fresh perspective. Choices reflecting our highest opinion of ourselves define a life uniquely on our terms. We see things that don’t need to be done, leaving more time for what we want to do.

Eat, think, move and sleep with intention. Make small conscious choices to serve you. Food and drink, thoughts, relationships, media, social media, leisure activity and television channels we allow are input for the output we call life’s experience.

Easy ways in which we care for our body and mind have huge ramifications for the life experience we create. Food, thoughts, motion and sleep serve each other to create energy to live life fully. The body and mind are brilliantly interconnected. Enhance input to one of these areas and the others will also benefit.

Small change and action has big impact. Choose action that reflects what you value. Tiny action creates huge ripples of awareness which reverberate love, joy, health, wealth and wisdom. Big impact leads to enormous possibilities.

Possibilities for wellness, happiness, peace, and satisfaction spring from the enormity of what we may become. Creating more life in our life isn’t about doing more. Creating more life in our life is about sustained action with intention.

Overwhelm may overtake us if we allow it. When overwhelm rears its ugly head, breathe. Unless danger is charging at us, often the best thing is to do nothing other than breathe mindfully. We need not go into a profound belly breathing practice, rather just breathe. What we focus on persists.

Staying on course with small changes, soon we feel better. This is your brand new normal and you feel fantastic!

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