Finding Balance in Suburbia

Maia Kumari Gilman
Aug 23, 2017 · 3 min read

Have you ever wondered what’s happened to the wilderness of the suburbs? Wondered how to reconnect with nature when you’re city-based and not feeling mobile to visit lesser-explored lands? Asked for just a few minutes of wonder and stillness, without having to travel too far to find it?

That’s what I am sharing with you–an encapsulated journey of how one person I know very well, has discovered all of these things.

I’m writing not about my own take on wellness and wilderness, but about that of my husband, Tom, an avid paddler for decades. He recently took an adventure trip overnight, right from almost-our-backyard. Read on to learn more of his local kayaking adventure, exploring the lush wilds of New Jersey.

Turning it over to Tom and his GoPro camera–let yourself live through his words and images for a few minutes of your day. Click on each heading or photo to follow along or go directly to his blog to read directly.

1 — Intro

2 — Putting in

3 — Herding Herons

4 — The Flats and the Meadows

5 — The Chatham Chop

6 — Canoe Brook Water Reservoir to Great Piece Meadows

7 — The Great Piece Meadows

8 — Second Day

9 — Canoes vs. Kayaks

10 — PI — Poison Ivy

11 — a bit about trees

That’s it! Hope you’ve enjoyed a bit of this Passaic journey. More soon.

All the best,

Maia & Tom

Originally published at on August 23, 2017.

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More than living. Thriving.

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