Finding Your Equinox


The spring equinox or the vernal equinox is the time of year when the sun moves north across the celestial equator and creates equality of day and night. It is the perfect balance of time. The equinox does not last for twenty-four hours, but only for a brief moment when the sun is exactly above the equator. What would you do if you had a moment where time stood in perfect balance with the universe?

We chase time, lose time, waste time, make time, but never can we stop time. Time does not discriminate. It moves forward without regard. The sun and the moon shine equally on all of us. We measure our lives by marking time on a calendar. Birthdays, anniversaries and special holidays remind us how quickly time can fly. And it does; fly! But at the celestial equinox, for a moment, time stands still. Day and night are equal. Then time shifts as daylight and nighttime resume movement each vying for the competitive edge.

The tired soul wishes for a longer night and the adventurer wishes for more sunlight. As the scale tips one person wins and another loses. But not for long! Eventually like the tide everything recedes, only to return again. Everything has a way of balancing the scale and establishing equality.

In yoga equality means to identify self with all of life. It is a realization that we are all dependent upon each other for existence. We are all the same source of energy. What makes us different is how we appear in form and how we choose to function.

At the equinox for a moment the sun and the moon stand equal, but they are not the same; they are different. This difference is what allows us to live and survive. As much as we need the sun for life, warmth and energy we also need the moon to orchestrate the tides, dictate the length of a day and provide stability for our planet. So although at the Equinox they may be equal they are still very different.

Everything in nature has a purpose and reason for being different. Once we begin to identify the interconnection of life we begin to appreciate and respect the differences. A tree is different than a plant and yet both are necessary for life to exist.

Your equinox is the moment you embrace your equality. But remember your equality does not mean you will never need to wax and wane in time with the differences of life. Like the receding tide you will sometimes have to give way to the pull of moon. And sometimes you will need to shift and ride the tide to the shore. Equality does not usurp our differences. It just reminds us that we all come from the same source of energy. In this we are equal. We just appear in different form and this is what makes life so interesting.

Each spring and fall the sun and moon remind us that life has a perfect rhythm and a perfect balance. When night and day are perfectly balanced neither reigns supreme. But this only happens for a moment and then one must give way to the other. This is the nature of life. As the moon gives way to the sun in spring, the sun must give way to the moon in the fall. Life after all has a perfect counting system and nothing goes unbalanced or unnoticed.

Doctor Lynn