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“Flowers That Don’t Get Water Begin to Wilt”, Deep Lessons from Band, Hoy Polloy

“Everyone that’s “in” the band is important no matter what they play. Flowers that don’t get water begin to wilt.”
You are live with K Sos from the band, The Hoy Polloy. The word Hoi Polloi (in its Greek spelling) is a term that means the masses. This band was created on the foundation of a group whose members came from such different musical backgrounds that they created a multi genre style of music that’s extremities attempt to be the first of its kind.

Yitzi: Thank you so much for doing this with us! What is your “backstory”?

I am K Sos, “The Toad” My Symbol is “The Diamond”. Vocals/Bass/Saxophone

Music has been my whole life. Started playing in Sonny LaRosa’s Youngest American Jazz Band at 9 years old. Started writing my own songs at 13. Recorded my first album at 15/16. Was a solo artist up until 2008, when I joined four man hip hop group The N.O.C. (No Ordinary Cats), was sponsored by Vitamin Water, opened for Ludacris, Redman & Method Man and Currency all over the state. Stayed with N.O.C. til 2011. In, 2011 N.O.C. disbanded after two albums. Moved to Miami to start my own band. Released the Hoy’s first album “On the Way to Rome” in 2012 playing most the instruments with friend Nick Romanelli with the intention of creating a multi dimensional album that couldn’t be tied to a specific genre. Then I turned The Hoy Polloy into a four man performing band in 2013. Have released 3 EP’s and 1 Full Length album with the Band. Two tours. One tour up the East Coast, and most recently a 14,000 mile 52 day 30 show trek across West Coast Tour playing both Canada and Mexico.

Other Current Members:

Frankie “The Ferret” Padilla. Symbol: “The Key”. Plays: Piano/Keyboard occasionally bass. Comes from a classically trained piano background.

Never played in a band or even thought about it until I invited him to a practice. Wrote his first song a month after joining and has been in the band ever since. Joined March 2013.

Adam “The Raven” Rodriguez. Symbol: “The Spiral”. Plays Guitar. Played in a few other bands. Enjoys all genres but comes from a punk/metal background. Joined October 2016 after former guitarist Juan “La Mano” Lameiro aka “The Parrot” left the band.

Alex “Iguana” Blue. Symbol: “The Hourglass” Plays Drums. Played in a ton of other bands of all genre’s. Joined October 2016 after the exit of performance founding member Jonathan “Panther” Cordts, who had been with the band since their first performance May 19th 2013, and learned to play drums specifically for the band after his brother moved to Canada and left him a kit.

Yitzi: Can you share the funniest or most interesting story that happened to you since you founded your band?

Of the 30 cities we played over the summer, somebody left something in almost every city. We had to go back for everything from guitars and drums, to credit cards, and having friends and family ship us clothes and other assorted items when we returned home. I guess leaving a little piece of you in every city you play is a real thing.

Yitzi: So what exactly does being the founder and leader of a band entail?

The leader keeps the band’s heart beating. Sometimes it might be a calm steady soft beat and other times its racing a million miles per hour but whatever it is, the catalyst for the band must keep that heart beating, through fights, through member changes, vans that won’t start and when the band is on its last dollar.

Yitzi: What do you think makes your band stand out? Can you share a story?

All Searches begin with: The Hoy Polloy

YouTube: Hats Off (Lounge Pop)

YouTube: Lady Finger (Electronic Dance)

Soundcloud: Some Time (Hip Hop)

YouTube: Winter (Film Music) MUSIC VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE

YouTube: Houdini (Psychedelic Folk)

Soundcloud: La Mano (Sung in Spanish)

YouTube: King (Country Rock)

Get the point?

Yitzi: None of us are able to achieve success without some help along the way. Is there a particular person who you are grateful towards who helped get you to where you are?

My parents first and foremost, none of what’s happened in my career would have been possible without their constant support of following the life I believed in. Other than that there are way to many names to mention, I will say the coolest thing about slowly gaining success as a band is its ability to lift up the people who work with us, and are affiliated with us through their craft at the same time. The Hoy Polloy is so much more than just four players. It’s become a whole organization of extremely talented people who come together to create something that I’ve never seen done before.

Yitzi: How have you used your success to bring goodness to the world?

Success is a relative term. I do what I want every day so therefore in my mind I have succeeded but bringing goodness is not about being successful. All people can do good things to help others, whether they are working towards success or currently succeeding. The band does try to take advantage of as many charitable opportunities as we can be part of. We spent time playing music for sick kids at the Children’s Hospital through an affiliation with the Light Lighthouse Foundation, and are playing an Everglades Benefit in the coming weeks. We also most recently streamed our Live Broadcast “The Early Late Night Show” hosted by Frankie P & myself, from our little town of Miami Shores to promote local business owners and arts awareness.

Yitzi: What are your “5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started a Band?

1. Don’t start a band unless you can love a lot of disappointment and constant hard work, no band endures the test of time if they did not come from that background even if they enjoy some temporary success.

2. Do it because it makes you happy and stop when it doesn’t anymore. Don’t waste our time listening to bad music.

3. Bands work in all different types of ways, You can’t play all the instruments yourself live, so your band mates are important entities with different feelings and emotions, and no two players are alike. Peoples styles change and you have to be malleable over time to continue to get the best out of yourselves as a unit.

4. Write what you feel and want to write. Songs don’t always have to have a structure; they just got to be real enough for people to relate to them.

5. Everyone that’s “in” the band is important no matter what they play. Flowers that don’t get water begin to wilt.

Yitzi: Some of the biggest names in Entertainment read this column. Is there a person in the world, or in the US whom you would love to have a private breakfast or lunch with, and why? He or she might just see this :-)

I have personally always wanted to be on Real Time with Bill Maher. We really like all the music Cedric and Omar make so an afternoon go karting with them or something might be fun, and the band has this running joke about Boz Scaggs so I feel like we’re going to have to meet this guy at some point. Maybe even do collaboration “More Silk” or “As Silky As It Gets”.

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