Forgiving Your Self

Why you are worthy of forgiveness

“Forgive yourself and welcome Love back into your Life.” ~ Alexandra Domelle

Earlier we spoke about how forgiveness, especially forgiving others can bring an end to suffering.

Yet, there is so much more to forgiveness.

Your suffering doesn’t end at forgiving others.

You also have to forgive yourself.

I can already hear some of you bristling.

Forgive myself? What do I need to do that for? It’s everyone else who has caused me suffering over the years.


And what of the pain and suffering you created for yourself?

You created suffering every time you put yourself down.

You created suffering every time you told yourself that you were not good enough, or smart enough or strong enough.

You created suffering every time you did things to sabotage your body, your mind and your heart.

Do you know how many times you hurt yourself through your thoughts?

Do you know how many times you hurt yourself through your words?

Do you know how many times you hurt yourself through your deeds?

Each and every one of these moments has left you suffering much, much more than what other people have said or done.

It is only when you recognise the suffering you have created for yourself that you are able to take steps to forgive yourself.

Sometimes you may find it easier to forgive others than to forgive yourself.

This often happens if you feel unworthy in some way.

Wrapped in your suffering, you forget your true nature, your true value, your true form.

You forget that you are a part of the Universe, of God, of Divine Perfection.

You are a part of Infinite Intelligence that at its core is Unconditional Love itself.

Isn’t it time you let go of the stories you have been telling yourself?

Stories of incompleteness, of unworthiness and of powerlessness?

When you are ready to forgive yourself, you are ready to let go of your suffering, when you are ready to live the beautiful and Inspired Life that is yours, I’ll be waiting for you.

To listen to you with compassion, with kindness, with love.

To provide a safe, sacred space in which you can let go, grieve and heal.

To help you realise that you are worthy of love, of joy and of peace.

If you are reading these words, please know this:

You are loved unconditionally, just as you are. If you decide to forgive yourself and to forgive others, you are loved unconditionally. If you decide to hold on to this pain, you are still loved unconditionally.

Regardless of what you choose, you are loved unconditionally.

I seek not to change you; rather, to help you realise that joy, love and peace are available to you, always. Beauty is within and around you, always. Kindness, compassion and healing are there for you, always.

Forgiveness is here, within, around and for you, always.

Thank you for choosing to read this story. If these words resonated with you, please share this with your loved ones. Yours, in appreciation, Alexandra

© Copyright Dr. Alexandra Domelle 2017

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