Free Yourself of Fear, If You Want To Reduce Your Anger

“Anger is the manifestation of fear”

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As soon as I say that, I see quite a few people recoiling as if I uttered a blasphemy. And maybe some are right. Truth is blasphemous to many. However, this is the truth. Anger IS the manifestation of fear.

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Fear of the centipede

Let us consider any simple situation that is likely to make us angry or elicit a response which is usually a manifestation of anger itself, viz. verbal abuse, physical abuse, attack or even the instinct to kill. Say, for example, we see a centipede crawling next to our bed which we had laid on the floor. What is the usual reaction? Some of us who are brave would get a dustpan and broom and remove the centipede from there. However, this insect moves very fast and that very movement tends to evoke fear. Most people who get scared are likely to kill the centipede right away.

The instinct to kill is a manifestation of the feeling of anger. How can this little guy harm me? I am big and mighty. And I will display my might over this little being by killing it. But, all we do end up displaying is fear. We are afraid that if we let this centipede stay, it will harm us. There is no doubt in the fact that centipedes can be dangerous if they get inside the ear or nasal cavity. However, our fear leads us to anger which further leads us to killing the poor centipede. Most of us (if not all) actually had the option of simply removing the centipede from the room.

Let go of fear

This small example can be extrapolated to any other situation in life which is actually capable of evoking anger in us. And yes, these situations can range from as small seeing a scary insect, to as big as the issue of terrorism. In almost all situations in life, we have the option of letting go of anger. However, that is possible only for those who can let go of fear. This is the exact reason why it is so difficult to wipe out terrorism because a lot of people are simply afraid.

In most ancient religions, the goodness of compassion and love have been emphasized. At the same time, anger is condemned as a vice.

Getting rid of the fear, to be rid of anger

As a practicing Hindu, we were told since childhood that anger is not good and that we must always harbor feelings of love and compassion. However, the same adults who told us this often lost their cool. This would get confusing for any young, developing mind.

So, when I grew a little older and could read and interpret texts, I began my search. In most Hindu scriptures, which included Puranas and some other texts (I’m still in the early reading and interpretation phase of the Vedas), I found that the easiest way to educate the person was to say that God resides in everything and hence, in getting angry we are getting angry on God.

I believe this is true as everything that we can see or that we cannot see is a manifestation of God. We, ourselves, are also a manifestation of God. Hence, there is actually no room for anger. It then follows that there will be no room left for fear to exist in. Most of us know the harmful effects of anger, so I am not going to list them here. However, there are a few things we can do to get rid of fear, and in effect, anger:

  1. Develop compassion and understanding towards everything, animate and inanimate. For instance, the next time your employee does not deliver work on time, make an effort to understand why he/she was not able to do so.
  2. Avoid. Yes, avoid getting into unnecessary arguments. Arguments are usually likely to develop the fear of losing your one-upmanship over the other person, and thus, make both sides angry.
  3. Practice “Sam-Bhav” or seeing everything and everyone as equal. By doing that, you are likely to lose most kinds of fear that arise because of “what if”.
  4. Exercise. Exercising releases hormones which help the mind to relax.
  5. Get peace of mind through meditation or yoga. Once the mind is at peace, it sees the truth of life, which is in its flow. This will aid you in getting rid of the fear of not getting or losing something.

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Originally published at on November 23, 2016.