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From Business Breakdown to Self Love Breakthrough: Interview with Leslie van Oostenbrugge

Time to Rise — Ask the Author Series

Leslie van Oostenbrugge is an integrative dentist in the Netherlands, and one of the 29 authors in my new book, Time to Rise. In her chapter, Leslie shares the story of the breakdown of a business partnership, and her journey, complete with financial pitfalls and spiritual awakenings, that led to the birth of her new dental practice and her new-found happiness.

Growing through financial difficulty is about so much more than meetings with bank managers and rewriting business plans. As Leslie discovered, it took a lot of personal growth and positive energy to get her through.

Dr. Andrea — You start your chapter in Time to Rise by describing how you had smashed an expensive designer chair against the wall in your office, while things were all falling apart around you. Now talking to the Leslie I know today — I just can’t imagine you doing something like smashing a chair! So can you start with telling me what was going on for you at that time?

Leslie — Well, I’d been a dentist for around 13 years, and I had made the decision to leave and ‘divorce’ my colleague at that practice. I’ve been doing things from the heart all my life. To take a step like this took courage. And I had that! But while I was able to take this step, I was also feeling a lot of guilt for leaving my colleague behind, and for not doing things as she pleased.

And she wasn’t happy. It turned into a court case that cost me a lot of money.

Dr. Andrea — And I know from our previous conversations that money was a huge issue for you. Although the law of attraction has taught you to view money in a loving and appreciative way now — you used to hate it, right?

Leslie — Yes — because I always thought money was bad, evil, and rich people were bad. I really cursed it! But then when I was in the peak of my money struggles, this little voice in me told me to read something. And it kept on saying it. At first I was like, “read what?”

Then I remembered that my assistant had given me a book as a gift, a few years back, that I hadn’t read yet. It was The Power by Rhonda Byrne. So with my inner voice still telling me “READ”, I rushed home and grabbed the book off the shelf. And this was the start of all the changes!

As I read, I started to appreciate money as a gift, as energy — we come from source, and source is energy too. Energy attracts energy. So I figured, “Wow, if I’m so negative about money, this is how I push it away!”

I started to treat money very differently, expressing gratitude even when I found a penny. I would put it in my wallet and say thank you. And I cleaned all the junk out of my wallet too — all the receipts and things that I used to carry in there instead of actual money.

Dr. Andrea — So in Time to Rise, you tell us in more detail how your energy started to change once you learned about the law of attraction. And one of the new practices that you took onboard was affirmations. So tell us about your experience with this.

Leslie — In my childhood I was often asked, “who do you think you are?” So I developed those typical negative self beliefs that I wasn’t good enough or worthy. Even approaching my forties I would still feel ugly, or not enough. Even with all my qualifications, I would not feel good enough.

But I started to realize that I had to get over this. I understood that what was handed down from my parents — “who do you think you are?” — came to them from their parents and so on. So I had to stop this.

I had read about mirror work so I started to do it myself — every morning at 6am! I focussed on what I liked about myself physically; my eyes and my hair. So that’s where I got started. After a couple of months I started to feel awesome!

Dr. Andrea — So how has this change in you affected your work as a dentist?

Leslie — I am much less worried about what people think of me. Whenever I am tempted to slip back into old thoughts, I try to refocus on my client and pay them a compliment instead. This takes away any negative focus I was tempted to have on myself.

Dr. Andrea — I know that in your own book which is coming soon, you talk about what you’ve learned from focusing more on your patients and paying attention to their feelings. Can you give us a little insight into that?

Leslie — One of my biggest discoveries has been about the connection between how we are feeling and our oral health. For example, there are so many more reasons for bleeding gums than just poor interdental cleanliness — although that is a common one… but not with my patients!

But I have a good relationship with all my clients, so I can ask them about their home life — and so many doctors don’t even do this! I had a client recently with bleeding gums. And when we talked, she told me about her teenage twins. When I asked how things were she immediately started to cry. She had been holding in all this stress, so I gave her room to talk.

And my advice was simply to find somebody to talk more to.

Dr. Andrea — Speaking of advice, what would you most like our readers to know, from your journey and from all that you’ve learned about the law of attraction?

Leslie — Wow, if everybody just knew that we came from source, that would be something! And the importance of loving yourself. If you know this and you really start to practice self love, you will change so much in just a few months.

Putting time and effort into creating positive thoughts and energy takes just as much time as creating the negative. So put your time and energy to good use. And remember to give it a chance to work. Don’t expect a complete change in a week if you’ve spent your whole life manifesting negative outcomes. But know that it’s possible and keep going.

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