From Fat to Fit: My Story

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I was born overweight at 10lb 14oz. Doctors warned my parents that I would get diabetes as I grow up if I do not try to lose the weight. Being a spoiled child, my parents ignored the advice and kept giving me candies and unlimited junk food. My family and relatives always called me ‘Little Fattie’

It was until I was 12 that I started criticizing my own body. In one occasion, our class had to weigh ourselves in front of everyone. I was 10lb heavier than my classmates at school. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought I was too fat for any guys to like me.

I knew I needed a fat to fit program for myself, but all I knew from textbooks was to limit my calories. So I ate vegetables and rice whole day, and I had no energy at all, but I didn’t care. I want to be lighter and thinner than other girls.

My mom and sister told me to stop the diet after realising that I was sleeping at home a lot after school. They said I should try to eat what they eat normally — a bowl of white rice, with some meat and veges. I ignored at first, but I gave in after a month — my body and mind can’t function properly, and I always felt like I wanted to sleep. I don’t even have enough energy for my favourite things like TV!

I was still heavier than the girls around me at 120lb (54.5kg). I didn’t have confidence in myself, but I didn’t want to go through the path anymore — I want to be full of energy.

When I went to study in UK, I lived with a host family who kept giving us microwaved foods, bread and cereals for meals. After eating them, I felt full at first and felt hungry in an hour or so. I started eating more snacks like chips, chocolate, cookies, etc to keep myself full. That year, I gained 20lbs (140lb[63.5kg] 163cm) and I stayed that way for more than 5 years.

A few years later, my brother started to gym and his skinny ass became more and more ripped. I was intrigued. I wondered how we can have similar genes but he can be so fit — WHAT IF I can do it too? I started working out at home following @HeidiSomers youtube channel, fat started to shed and my muscles became tighter and toner. Then I had a trainer, Fernando, who started to train me with exercises that fits my body type so the results came faster and better. I was just on his 3 month workout plan and my body transformed, small waist, big butt, small thighs… But I wanted more results, then I started to clean up my diet too. Fernando gave my a gym diet plan to gain muscles, lose fat and become healthy. I started to gain confidence and believe in myself too.

I’m now at 130lb (59kg), but look much fitter and healthier that I have ever been. I go by my days packed with energy, and my skin started to glow. I finally realised 2 important things through my journey to health:
Your weight alone does not dictate how fit you are. Besides being obese, you can also have heavier bones than others, or you can have more muscles than others where muscles weigh more than fat.

The key to eating healthier is not eating less junk food, but eating more wholesome foods. If you eat more natural foods, you will feel more full and won’t have need to reach for junk food.

Eating less, or just eating veges and carbs may help you lose fat, but your body won’t have enough energy to last through the days. Have a diet with meat, veges and some carbs, while cutting out processed food and adding in exercise will give you the type of body you desire.

Here’s a video of my health journey since university:

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