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From Homeless Prenatal Program to Chinese Rice Porridge, 5 Founders Share Their Favorite Thanksgiving Activities

“It was a huge fail, but 50 Cent, Ciara, and their teams couldn’t have been more gracious, and it is one of my favorite and funniest Thanksgiving memories ever”
I reached out to 5 founders to share how they make Thanksgiving special. I got some pretty interesting answers. Here are the responses.

“We actually spent our childhood growing up in the Phillippines. But since we loved Thanksgiving so much, our family would always throw a southern style Thanksgiving feast. We’d make turkey, pumpkin pie, potatoes…the whole nine yards. Not typical for the Phillippines, but it was important to keep the tradition alive. And the food was delicious!” -Jonathan and James Murrell, owners and founders of The Escape Game

“Every Thanksgiving we have 2 food-and-family-related traditions in our household, where we usually have Thanksgiving dinner with my brother and family, as well as my parents. The kids bring pumpkin pies to their school, to donate the the Homeless Prenatal Program (HPP) in San Francisco, that cares for expectant mothers who do not have housing. Also, with our family being French-American, roast goose gets more traction than turkey! So we make a traditional French recipe for stuffed goose, that includes stuffing made with bread soaked in milk and rum! It’s decadent but incredibly delicious.”— Sara Schaer, founder of Kango app

Our thanksgiving traditions are quite Southern, after all I am from Nashville, Tennessee. Our menu consists of turkey and dressing, baked ham, green bean casserole, chicken and dumplings and many desserts. We make the real cornbread dressing (not stuffing) from my grandmother’s recipe. Chess Pie is another good ole southern traditional dessert we make for every Thanksgiving. Last but not least. the-made-from-scratch Italian Cream Cake. After dinner we spread out all the shopping ads and make a game plan for Black Friday shopping!” — Kim Constant, franchise owner of Edible Arrangements

“My favorite tradition is that we roast the turkey and eat it as a family but the best part is we use the excess and bones from the turkey to make a Chinese rice porridge that we eat for breakfast the next morning and it is the most delicious soup ever and something we all look forward to the day after Thanksgiving.” -Nick Morton, co-founder of Tipsy Elves

“For the first half of my entertainment marketing career I worked on international campaigns, spending most of my year abroad in Europe. Thanksgiving, a uniquely American holiday was always fun to celebrate in a foreign country. My favorite memory was asking a French hotel chef to attempt American Thanksgiving recipes. It was a huge fail, but 50 Cent, Ciara, and their teams couldn’t have been more gracious, and it is one of my favorite and funniest Thanksgiving memories ever.” -Faithe Dillman, CEO and Founder of Marbaloo