From Homeless to Healthy: One Woman’s Story of Survival and Success

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4 min readJun 8, 2017


A triumph of the human spirit, after it has been down in the dregs of life through abuse and heartbreak, gives many people lots of hope.

For Sian Young, it literally gave her a new lease on life.

“I still remember when I woke up after sleeping next to a dungeon’s gate of a ruined castle, being grateful that I could see the sky and that I was still alive,” Young, owner and founder of The Entrepreneur’s Health Coach, said.

“I have come from the bottom, like real sub-culture, to become an award-winning entrepreneur and published author,” Young said. “That’s why I coach people to achieve their dreams because against all odds I have achieved mine and I have used the skills that I teach to do this”

She was homeless at 15 years old in Aberdeen, Scotland, living on the streets for seven years.

Homeless and emaciated, Sian Young found herself at a crossroads.

Young was filled with fear from being physically attacked all the time. Her body and mind were not strong enough to overcome so much stress and strain. The amount of starvation from lack of nutrition, coupled with her own body’s response to multiple attacks, left her emaciated.

Young spent two years in a bed, only able to move her head. Things looked bleak, but hope soon stepped through the door.


When she was 22, Young became able to get up and live a healthier life. One of her first “new life” experiences involved falling in love and having a child. Having her son was an incredible gift for her. The relationship, though, did not last.

Yet this did not stop her. No, Young was on a mission for her life — and one big goal was to make sure her son was never in a position to experience what she went through. She spent countless hours writing to 200 charities and trusts across the United Kingdom to get involved in water sports.

She began a lifelong study of mindfulness, nutrition, and health so she would be in a better place.

At one point, Young wrote to Buckingham Palace in London for help. That got someone’s attention and she soon found her way on a worldwide journey to study water sports. She even went and traveled around Australia for six months … taking her 3-year-old son with her everywhere.

“I learned so much on that journey by straightening up my mind and body,” she said.

From that point, she built her first business and found the right mix of health and wellness. Yet in order to maintain her business, Young took on a lot of different jobs, too.

Once again, she found herself in a hospital — this time from physical exhaustion and burnout.

This, though, was simply another stop in time before Young found herself back in the game of life.


Learning some valuable lessons around finding balance, maintaining a healthy body, and discovering a delicate balance around health for entrepreneurs has carried Young to this point in her life.

“Looking back, I know that I was strong enough to survive all of that so I can be in a position to help people get to a place where you love yourself and care for yourself,” she said.

Her accolades are many: publishing her book “Teenage Kicks,” qualifications as an ETM (Exercise to Music) Level 2 Fitness Instructor, meditation teacher, Reiki Master, naturopath nutritionist, and health coach.

Young, though, remains steadfast in her mission toward helping busy entrepreneurs find a healthier way to live.

“Change in this world comes from within,” she said. “I know if we are to take better care of this planet, you and I must take care of yourself first. I am here to guide people to health and well-being both for you, your family, and our collective survival.”

Young’s life today is rich with beauty, grace, and happiness.

It is a far, far cry from the darkest times in her life. When she speaks to entrepreneurs about taking care of themselves, she really knows about the cost of foregoing one’s physical health.

Her heart is filled with a lot of hope, faith, and love today. Young has tapped into her own elixir of life — and shares it with the world every day.



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