What I learned about business from the criminal underworld

What does the term psychopath immediately conjour up for you? A less than human being existing on the periphery of society?, A serial killer or narcissist perhaps?, But, definitely someone that wouldn’t ever cross your path or share a chat with over a pumpkin-spiced latte, reserving their presence for CSI episodes only.


In a previous life I certainly came across more than my fair share. I’m an ex-intelligence analyst by trade who worked in the covert world of criminals, analysing their modus operandi but weirdly, or more unsettling, is that psychopaths walk amongst us in all shapes and sizes, every. single. day.

Have I got your attention now? Good.

There’s a long list of typical traits that psychopaths are measured by, some of which are; grandiose sense of self-worth, manipulative, tendency to boredom, impulsive, lack of long-term goals.

Wait a minute. Wh, wh, what?! I know entrepreneurs and business owners just like that…eek!

Yeah, do you have ass sweats and a chill down your spine yet?

Elephant in the room

How similar are these traits to some of those so-called entrepreneurial guru’s you fraternise with, have parted with your hard-earned cash to learn the latest blueprint for success from, drawn in by their oh so appealing sales page.

Do you follow them online, wishing you had their success? or…have you recognised yourself on that list.

Waaaahhh, scary!

OK, so I’m not saying you and all solopreneurs, entrepreneurs or whatever the heck label they have bestowed on themselves are suddenly shoved unceremoniously into the same psychopathic boat (phew!) but it’s worth a bit of self-awareness and a good dose of self-regulation not to become one of ‘those’ guys or gals…isn’t it?!


Are some of these traits actually an advantage in the business world?

Driven to win, impulsive and the ability to infiltrate a community for their own ends (we’ve all see the thinly veiled span facebook posts that are more sales-y than a sales-y thing).

Business is a tough gig

Business is a tough gig, isn’t it, but if we don’t inject who we are a the heart of it into the core of our business what is the blinkin’ point?

Knowing more about who you are (psychopath or otherwise — I’m not judging) at the core of your business is an amazing font of knowledge you can draw on and drink from time and time again.

Even if you have previously fallen prey and whipped out your credit card for a magic elixir, promised by an entrepreneur with psychopathic tendencies, **laughs uncontrollably, using evil plan laugh, with pinky attached to bottom lip** and get nowt in return, there is an alternative. Hoorah!

Investing in YOU first and foremost is the key to creating your own unique success in life and business.

When you understand YOU at the core of your business, what drives you, how you do sales, what you absolutely rock at (and get help with the rest to fill the gaps in your arsenal) then that magic elixir hunt, and draw to cunning sales-y manipulative psychopaths and shiny objects, dissolves like your morning pick-me-up berocca.

Stop underestimating your knowledge, expertise or abilities and trust in your own gut that you can do this business gig and do it well.

Reset your internal G.P.S. and you’ll get back control of this information overload in a snap.

Do Your Due Diligence

OK, so maybe you need to get a bit better at that due diligence shizzle to check out who you’re actually buying from, especially in the noisy on-line world, so you’re not being distracted by, or thoughtlessly jumping on the bandwagon of, those who happen to command the interwebs bandwith (with help from their affiliate *biz bestie*) and no other real substance to back it up.

If you feel the alarm bells going off and spot those psychopathic traits which set off all manner of red flags, such as fake urgency or fake scarcity, then step the heck away, take a big deep breath and wait.

Trust your gut badass, you’ve got this!

Go forth and rock your business by surrounding yourself with like-minded folks who have your back and will pull you up by the pigtails if and when you need it.

Lovely to have your precious time today. Go and make it a good one.


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