From Wall Street To The Tennessee Hills

My Journey Escaping The City (Wall Street) To The Hills Of Tennessee has been a very interesting one to say they very least. I was so tired of getting up at 3 am and working till dark, having nonstop pressure, turmoil and strife.

The Tennessee Hills Have Given Me Peace I used to be a person who lived in the big city and managed a space at Wall Street. I thought that’s what was what expected of me. Society dictated that it was from my upbringing . I believed for the longest time that I was supposed to graduate from a good school, get a respectable job and score a decent position in a bustling metropolis. Boy, was I wrong! People aren’t all cut out for life in urban environments. Some people thrive in loud areas that never seem to stop. There are others, however, who dread being in those kinds of environments. I’m definitely in the latter category. I’m not a big fan of the loud sounds that are so characteristic of big cities. I’m not exactly a big fan of big city smells. Trash isn’t one of my favorite things.

Here is my small cabin

I came up with a great solution to my issue, however. That solution was to move far away to the breathtaking hills of Tennessee. I realized that life in a carefree and easygoing setting was the thing I was missing so much. I like breathing in fresh and clean air every morning. I like being able to enjoy a leisurely stroll outside without having to worry about bumping into dozens of rushing people. I don’t like feeling like I’m in a hurry. I like to be able to take things slowly. It’s a pleasure to sip on a warm cup of coffee in the morning while gazing at the nature that surrounds me. It’s a pleasure to be able to enjoy genuine conversations with the people I encounter, too. When I lived in the city, I felt like I could never truly connect with the people I met.

Old Roads Behind My Cabin To Ride Bikes On

It’s a lot of fun to have plenty of room on your side. I can hike, ride my bike, visit all these Amish neighbors and buy their home made breads, pies and fresh garden fruits and vegetables and fish to catch my dinner. I felt so stiff and rigid when I was a “city slicker.” I constantly had unpleasant aches and pains all throughout my body, too. It was a pain to have to wake up every morning to backaches that wouldn’t go away no matter what I did. I never got used to that.

Breath-taking Steams

After tons of research and trying to find a plot of land to build a house on, have water and electricity yet be alone and secluded I found with my research that Tennessee had the lowest crime rate in these areas surrounded by Amish, it was cheaper to live there and the people were exceptionally friendly. The Tennessee hills have given me a feeling of peace that I can’t easily describe to others. I bought Tennessee land and that was the first step I took to achieve the happiness I knew I deserved so much. I adore living in the woods. I love being able to walk to the lake. I love being around wildlife as well. I get the opportunity to see wild turkeys on a regular basis. Imagine that. People who live in the big city usually only get to see rats and insects!

A Lake Nearby I Fish From

I’m never turning back. Tennessee has made me a happier person. It’s made me a better person, too. I’m nowhere near as grouchy and cranky as I used to be. My family members say that I’m a vision of relaxation. Trust me. I never used to be like that before. This has been a welcome change.