I have this image in my mind that I can’t shake on the tough days at work. I’m sitting at my desk, it’s 3pm and I am squeezing my legs together because I have to pee so bad, but I just have to finish this one email. Just one more email. Then Nick comes in to ask me a question while my assistant reminds me I haven’t touched my lunch yet and I have a 4pm meeting across town.

I would like to say that this was the moment, I woke up to the fact, I wasn’t taking care of myself. But it wasn’t. A few weeks later the same day happened all over again. In fact it kept repeating — over and over again until one day the stress was just too big and my body was falling apart.

I made myself a promise late in the afternoon on that day that looked like all the other days. I decided to move my body. I set an alarm on my phone to remind me to get up and stretch, get up and walk, get up and pee. I set an alarm to remind me to drink water. And then I made a commitment to share this practice with everyone everywhere. And that was the moment I decided to leave my corporate job and start Desk Yogi.

It’s been about 3 years since I made the commitment to change how I was living at work and I have a few tips to share.

1) Stay hydrated throughout the day.

2) Get up and pee when you need to pee.

3) Eat a few healthy snacks throughout the day.

4) Find a buddy to keep you accountable.

5) Set a notification on your computer that you CANNOT IGNORE.

6) A 2 minute break is valuable even if it’s just closing your eyes.

As a full-time business owner and an even more full-time mom, I know that getting my body moving actually helps me deal with all the stress — and sometimes even the physical pain that can come from a long day on the job.

Yet, gone are the days when I can spend two hours at the gym or go to multiple yoga classes a week. But that doesn’t mean I stopped exercising. Instead, I designed a way to make working out part of my hectic schedule. When I began incorporating micro exercise breaks throughout the day and building the video library at Desk Yogi — it worked! I fit in a micro-yoga session, a three-minute power fitness routine or a quick accupressure session to release muscle tension. Then I can switch it up and keep it engaging so I don’t dread it or get bored with a routine.

Not only do these micro workout breaks help me feeling fit and pain-free, it also increases my energy throughout the day and alleviates stress. In a busy work environment this time allows me the chance to reset and return to work more focused and in a better mood. My work life thanks me for it and my home life does as well. After a day that I’ve incorporated these mini exercise sessions, I am much more present and ready to take on whatever challenges face me. It makes for a much more enjoyable work life and personal life.

Whatever your lifestyle, just make sure you keep moving…even if it’s just three minutes at a time!

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