Get Clients Like Mad Men Without The Alcoholism

Learn how 23 Experts Built Freelance Writing Business Without Bourbon And Whiskey

Build A Freelance Writing Business Without Having To Drink All Of This

One decision can change your life.

Saying ‘yes’ to a new job can mean the difference between spending your life outrunning debt or taking month long vacations exploring the South American coast.

Saying ‘no’ to sugar can mean the difference between struggling with your weight and appearance for your entire life or absolutely loving how you look every morning.

The One Change That Radically Altered My Life

I made a major change four years ago. I decided to start freelance writing. It’s funny how it started. I wanted to take a trip and needed some extra cash. I was a good writer and thought it’d be easy money to write for people online. I joined Odesk and sent in proposals…

I didn’t make the money I needed. I found out like all of you are finding out, that you can’t just send a proposal. There’s a nuance to getting a client’s attention, to communicating value and getting contracts. Here’s the thing…my failure ended up capturing my attention. I love a challenge. When I don’t know something I learn it. Not only that I also saw working online meant I could make 10X what I did performing.

I kept writing.

The next fourteen months were some of the most difficult months of my life. I learned a lot of painful lessons, lost a lot of money, and fought the urge to give up every night. Then on month fifteen something changed.

I booked my first five-figure contract. I still remember the moment the client sent me the contract. I couldn’t believe it. After fourteen months I had finally made it.

That contract was the starting point for the online business I have today. My business took off. I started finding and booking clients off Upwork, raised my rates, and built an online business I love…and all because I decided to start freelance writing on the side.

So why am I telling you this?

Why I’m Writing

When I started freelancing I realized a lot of the material I needed wasn’t online. I decided to create a resource for freelancers to come and get help with the problems they faced. I started this blog. It was great. The response was positive.

Then you started writing me. Most of you wanted more than articles. You wanted hands-on help. So I started a small coaching group.

It was great. I helped a group of motivated people make the leap to freelancing full time online. People who struggled for years to make money online went from part time to full time in under six months. It was rewarding but it came with limitations. I could only coach so many people and I ended up turning away a lot more.

So I went back to the drawing board. I knew that if I was going to help everyone that reached out to me I’d have to create a course. The problem I faced was I didn’t want to create a random freelancing course. That wouldn’t be useful to anyone.

My coach, Navid Moazzez, told me to host a summit. With a summit, I could break my training up into levels, teach everything I needed without spending tens of thousands on course creation, and bring in a team of experts to help.

I jumped at the chance. I contacted twenty-three experts in the freelance writing field and got them to sign on. For the last fourteen weeks, I have been writing, creating, interviewing, and preparing to launch my new course,

The Freelancer Success Summit.

The Freelancer Success Summit, What It Is, And How To Attend

The Freelancer Success Summit is a virtual summit where me, along with twenty-three freelance writing experts, teach you how to:

1:Start An Online Freelance Writing Business:

Learn everything you need to know to get started. You’ll learn how to use testimonials, write proposals that get responses, find and book clients who you’ll like working for, set a fair rate, and build a proper foundation to grow an evergreen business from.

2:How To Build A Thriving Freelance Business On The Side:

You are making money, now’s the time to automate it. Learn how to scale your business to get more done in the same amount of time, the key things you need to do to not lose work every time you raise your rates, how to understand and employ a strategy to book clients, and how to land retainers.

3:Scaling From Part-Time To Full Time:

Making the leap to full time doesn’t have to be difficult. Learn from multiple freelancers who left their jobs and made 6-figures their first year by planning and preparing properly. Learn how to become a thought leader, brand yourself into massive contracts, network like an expert, and more.

So who is the Freelancer Success Summit for?

If you are a freelance writer tired of ‘trying’ to make it and ready to build an online business you love this is for you.

Your skill and experience level don’t matter. The content in the summit teaches you the key skills you need to succeed at every level. Remember, we are teaching you how to get booked, how to write proposals that start conversations, pricing strategies to get larger contracts, and the business skills you need to succeed.

That means If you are looking for copywriting templates, VA resources, or ‘how to’ guides to writing blog posts for $20 apiece, this isn’t for you. We don’t teach you a niche. we teach you the business to becoming successful in your niche.

Want to finally build the freelance writing business you want, leave Upwork and Fiverr behind, and make real money?

Check out the Freelancer Success Summit and build the business you want, today.

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Originally published at on November 30, 2017.