Get Grounded This Winter

A Seasonal eBook Series to Guide Your Self-Healing Journey

I have some very exciting news to announce as we head into the new year! I have written my first of four e-books in collaboration with Lauren Unger. We are excited to help you Get Grounded this Winter with Rooted With Love!

In October I went to California to visit Lauren. It was a vacation for me, an escape from the hustle and flow of NYC and my daily life. While I was there, we sat down and just stared writing. And you know what happened? 3 days after I arrived, we had written the outline to a book. We couldn’t believe it, but at the same time, we weren’t surprised. We had been on this amazing path together ever since meeting a year ago on Halloween and we knew this book was what we were meant to do together!

As much as publishing a book would be a dream come true, we knew we wanted to reach people in the present moment. Wellness is definitely having a moment and it’s only going to get bigger each and every year. So the information we have we wanted to share immediately. That’s why we decided on an e-book. And then we realized that releasing it quarterly would reach even more people really quickly. So we decided to write seasonal guides to help people live and eat according to the seasons!

And yes, we did all of this in 3 days! Well, the outline and plan at least. The rest of the winter guide was written in 2 months — from the new moon in October to the new moon in December. It is unbelievable the passion we have had for this e-book and it truly shows in the dedication and work we put into creating it these past 2 months.

Meeting Lauren a year ago has been life changing for me. Last December we became reiki certified together, and this year we are publishing a book together. Our lives have been forever changed by this friendship and I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for us, and for you!

Get Grounded

What does it mean to get grounded? It means rooting yourself in this world and this moment so that you can be stable and secure in all aspects of your life before you grow and bloom in the Spring and Summer. We are all seasonal beings and if we eat for the seasons we know that we can save money and enjoy tastier, fresher food. But what if we also have behavior that matches the season? Then how would we feel? The winter is cold and dark so we should be hibernating and planning for the things to come — think of yourself as a bear, we are giving you permission to stay home, on the couch, cozy under your blanket!

The Rooted With Love Get Grounded guide provides you with activities like journaling and meditation to ground you and help you plan out all of your activities and plans for the year, as well as grounding mantras (I AM), healing crystals (hematite), and rituals (full moon and new moon) that will ground your mind and soul. We also have written over 130 pages of plant-based recipes for the winter season that will ground your body. We provide suggestions for adding animal or plant protein and encourage you to listen to your body and what it craves. Every person is different, every day is different and every meal is different so this is not a diet book, but a guide to understanding and knowing your own well-being.

Rooted With love

We will be releasing 3 more e-books throughout the year to help you live a seasonal life. In March we will help you Get Focused for Spring, in June we will Get Lifted for Summer and in September we will Get Centered for Fall. Our hope is to help you live your best life by helping you feel your best inside and out. The rituals can be found in our magic kit and include all of the things Lauren and I do for our own health and wellness and the Kitchen Alchemy guide is all of our recipes that we know and love.

The first e-book, ‘Get Grounded’ is available for sale right now! It will be electronically delivered to your inbox! We chose this date because it is a New Moon and no Mercury Retrograde in sight!

So grab your copy now and receive all 3 Get Grounded (Get Grounded, Magic Kit, Kitchen Alchemy) guides for $33

Grab your copy here!

Originally published at on December 29, 2017.