Get out of the “Hang in there” mindset.

Live the life which your heart wants you to.

Life sucks.Things go hay way. You don’t have any idea about what is going on or what you are supposed to do. You just try to get along. You barely manage to stay afloat,struggling for breath. The world seems to be racing along and you desperately try to keep up.You know something is not right… but you choose to ignore it.

You kill the alarm , hit the real world , act like you are giving your best , put on masks tailored for situations , take part in the rat race , return home , search for life changing messages and posts on the internet, then try to catch a few zzzz’s before you are ready to repeat the cycle again. Amidst all this, you keep saying to yourself “Hang in there buddy.It’s going to be fine soon.”You have this grand plan , according to which you will change your life completely once and for all. You think you are just waiting for the grand moment to execute your grand plan to success.

You know what? It’s not going to be fine just because you want it to. There is never a grand plan that works instantly ,except in movies or fairy tales. There exists nothing like a perfect moment to start doing what you want to do. The things you keep saying to yourself are just fabrications designed to convince your heart that everything is alright. As you see , this would be a serious problem when something really isn’t fine or going in the right way.

This is a surefire recipe to disaster.

You may ask , “What is wrong in staying positive and hopeful?”.

Being positive is not believing in what is not true and doing nothing else.Being positive is accepting the reality and being strong enough to change things for the better.

Everything is easier said than done , right ? So, how do we get on the path to change our lives for the better?

Start with baby steps.

Recognize the mess that you are in. Convince yourself to face the reality and assess the worth of your position. Ask yourself these questions :

  • Am I happy? If no, why?
  • Am I satisfied?
  • Do I lie to myself to feel better?
  • Do I see myself in a satisfying and good position in the future if I continue on the same path?
  • Am I innovating and doing something new once in a while?

Stay true to yourself while answering these questions. It takes great courage to face the truth within you. But just do it. We can get on to the action part later.

Once you do this, you should have a pretty good idea of your situation and position in life. If you feel that something is way off in your life or that you are not happy……again, start with baby steps.

Try to recognize what you really want to do and how you really want to live your life. The basic thing to consider here is that you need to feel happy. You should be able to go to bed everyday, with a feeling of satisfaction and purposefulness. Now ask yourself these questions :

  • What will make me happy? (You know the answer,believe me)
  • How can I change my life bit by bit , to move towards that position?(For example, if you want to be a writer, you can write articles and blog posts regularly whenever you can)
  • How can I be different from others in doing what I love? (How can I innovate at my work?)
  • How can I turn what I do so that others get inspired by it and get impacted positively?

Think hard to get answers to these questions. After you do this, you should pretty much have a blueprint of actions to do. Now the only thing left to do is the courage to turn towards a new path.

Just remember this. This life is temporary. And one day, you are sure to leave this abode. Take a moment to recognize this fact (really……do it) .

Whatever you do now should be to remain happy and live this life to the fullest. For the time being, you may feel good about ignoring the mess you are in. But when you reach the end of your life, all that remains is the regret of not putting into action the plans that you have been creating throughout your life.

So,try to seize the moment.

If this life is temporary, what is the purpose of not doing what you want to do and be happy at each moment?

Carpe Diem …. :)

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