Get Out Of Your Own Way

Feel light, calm and free

I turned on the car radio just as Bono began crooning the chorus to the U2 song called Get Out Of Your Own Way. It was one of those moments of synchronicity as I used this phrase earlier today to describe what I try to do for myself and my clients.

So much is possible when you get out of your own way. We may know this to be true but how to do we execute on the promise? As the song suggests, it’s a bit of a fight. In my opinion, it’s a battle between the head and the heart.

Living from or within our heads can get heavy. Our brains, a connection point to all that is, have a vast capacity for wisdom and knowledge. However, the head has a way of taking over and acting like a command center. Our focus shifts to thinking, analyzing and processing. Ration and reason run rampant in the head. Spending too much time in our heads can be exhausting. Self-doubt, judgment and the impulse to control can quickly take over. Everything is even in the heart, the place where love flows. Facts and figures do not resonate with the loving vibration of the heart. As the organ that keeps the rhythm and movement to support life, the heart is where we connect to all living things.

Heart based living commands compassion. It requires unconditional love for the self and another. We trust our hearts to keep beating. To keep the flow of life inside us. We must also extend this unconditional trust to ourselves (and another). For the heart to take the lead we must let go.

When we make the choice to live from the heart, we feel lighter, calmer and free. To achieve this we must forgive ourselves (and then another) for anything that may have prompted the heart to close. And then, have gratitude for the flow of life.

Get out of your own way and keep an open, loving heart.

Originally published at on February 23, 2018.