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Getting Your Mojo Back: Let’s Talk Burnout, Resilience and Insight

Have you ever lost your mojo? If you’ve ever felt down on yourself for losing your zest for life, or your enthusiasm for your work, then please know that you are not alone.

Burnout is all too common these days. It comes as a result of overworking for prolonged periods, being everything to everybody else and not finding enough time for you.

I feel it’s really important to say that this is NOT failure.

It is a normal, human reaction to overwork. AND it’s something that we can use to improve our lives. Hitting rock bottom is sometimes what it takes to bounce back up again.

Or maybe you are reading this before the burnout has fully set in — in which case you can now course correct and avoid the lowest point.

During the peak of my struggles with depression and stress, I got a referral to a great therapist who was known for treating high powered executives. He told me something that REALLY stuck.

He said I needed to become F.A.T. Flexible. Adaptable. Tolerant.

He explained to me that these were a few of the traits found in people who run multi-national companies, or have other roles that are incredibly responsible. In short, these are some of the traits that help people to manage their busy lives without crashing and burning. He was talking about resilience.

This conversation woke me up to the whole topic. And since then I’ve been fascinated by what the others traits of resilience are, and how we can develop them for ourselves. This is where my study of the subject began.

Over the years I’ve compiled a list of the top ten traits of resilient people. The first one on the list is Insight, and this is what I am talking about in the video below.

Insight is all about self-awareness and emotional intelligence. It allows you to look deeply within yourself, understand who you really are, and to align your actions with your true nature.

Without insight or self-awareness we are walking around in the world quite blindly, moving from one distraction to another, somehow missing the bigger picture of where we are heading in life. In this state we tend to compare ourselves to others, rather than check in with our own inner compass.

Have you ever fallen into that comparison trap? A lot of people do. I truly believe the best way out of it is to know yourself, your own passions, purpose and values better. When you do you will become focussed on what’s important to your soul — not what your peers are doing.

When we are burnt out we can really lose our mojo. But there is nothing like rediscovering who you are and what you care about to get your zest for life back. Not only will this give you a much needed energy boost, but you will also learn what you personally need to recover. If you listen well enough, that voice inside of you has probably been whispering it to you for some time. So learning to look inwards and listen to yourself is crucial.

Insight is one of the key traits that helps you to maintain a firm foundation of resilience. That’s what’s going to help you build a stress-resistant personality, activate your own innate vitality code, and become the best version of yourself.

Watch here and enjoy!

I hope you take something great away from this. If you have any questions or thoughts to share then do leave me a comment.

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Originally published at on January 25, 2019.



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