Go To the River

An Original Poem

Go to the river where the water runs true,
Gaze into your reflection in the rippling blue;
Watch for the fish and the stirring of life,
Watch the sun set and watch the sun rise.

Dream under the moonlight and sparkle of stars,
Away from the streetlights and roaring of cars.
Eat on the green grass by the pebbles of the shore,
Watch the flames of the fire ‘til the embers are gone.

Watch for the sky and the weathers of change,
Let your mind form the clouds into faces and shapes.
Hear the song of the birds and the quiet of night,
The caress of the breeze and the serene sublime.

Walk with nature, let nature walk with you;
Escape into freedom and embrace of your roots.
Let the memory of the present linger on your tongue,
Savour the taste and aroma of the flowers at dawn.

So go to the river before you have to turn back
To return to life in its drib and its drab,
For there in the water is the peace that exists
As it always once was, as it always once is.