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Going Within to Heal: Music, Spirituality, and Sharing Our Truth

Interview with Paul Luftenegger

Paul Luftenegger is an International Multi Award Winning Singer, Songwriter, and Composer. He writes conscious music to inspire and promote global love and kindness from within.

Paul’s focus is nurturing self worth within the listener. He has performed for the United Nations 3 times and his music has been used to honour icons like Louise Hay. Paul also serves the Starkey Hearing Foundation helping to give free hearing aids to those in need around the world.

There is no doubt that Paul has had, and continues to have an amazing career, where he can follow his purpose and help as many people as possible.

But nobody’s life journey is without twists and turns. Success and happiness is always balanced with trials and challenges. Then there is the matter of sharing our truth with the world, even when it’s more than little scary and opens us up to judgment.

In my new book, Magic and Miracles, Paul bravely shares the story of his father’s suicide, and the subsequent spiritual growth he experienced that began that very day.

Dr. Andrea — First of all, let me say I am so touched that you shared your very personal story in Magic and Miracles. Since I’ve met you, I have thought that your life seems like one big miracle. And that’s something you are always telling others, that their lives are miracles.

Magic and Miracles author, Paul Luftenegger

Hearing you talk about this sixth sense or inner technology that we all have is amazing. As well as being an award-winning singer, songwriter and composer, you are also a medium.

There is so much to your story, and so many events I’d like to ask you about. But talking about the part of your life that you share in Magic and Miracles, your father taking his own life, can you share with us how this experience opened you up to this other space.

Paul — Firstly, I ‘m so glad you asked me to be a part of this, because life really is full of magic and miracles! Devine synchronicities and alignments happen, because life is really made of these things. I think we all need to go back to our childhood to see where things started for us; I’ve seen videos of you, Andrea, talking about your childhood experiences today. So I need to do the same to tell my story and explain the events leading up to my father’s suicide in 2011.

To condense this down and make a long story short, I know that everyone has an inner voice from their childhood. I’ve always felt called to answer the great mystery of life. This knowingness has always been my purpose. In 2011, when my father took his life, I felt proof of heaven on earth before I knew he had taken his life.

That morning, I could cut the beauty in the air with a knife. It felt like an angelic calm of love — it was that thick. What people say about suicide it that it’s a psychotic break, which I kind of think it is too. God showed up that morning, and I had the most beautiful morning of my life that day — and I now know it was to show me that I this is what we can all get back to.

I will never forget how the day went from that calm and serenity with God, to that crazy state, calling 911. This moment was the start of many years spent trying to understand what happened.

I remember that morning, I was praying to God in front of the mirror. I was looking into my own pupils really closely, and I had the realization that nothing outside mattered. The only thing that mattered was what was inside of us. A whole shift happened for me. It threw me into a spin, and it’s been unraveling since that day. God has shown up for me every day ever since.

I remember praying while I was giving my statement to the police, because I was about to collapse with pain. I will never forget I heard God say to me, “There will be blessings that come from this that you cannot imagine.”
I was struck by the oddity of those thoughts with what was going on. But I felt God and knew I would be okay.

What’s interesting is that you couldn’t have written or predicted what has happened for me in the last 8 years. From singing at the UN 3 times, to having my music used at Louise Hay’s 90th birthday, her last one on earth. And to having met you and all of these wonderful people who have come into my life. These divine synchronicities have happened since I got on my track. Ever since God put my on my track, things have been divinely aligned.

Dr. Andrea — There are so many things I want to unpack here. The first one is being in such deep despair on that day, and praying into your own soul, calling out for God. I’m so struck by how you got your head around God creating that much peace within you.

With loss, most people just want to go into hiding. But you had to pick yourself up and move forward. And you were so young too. How can you describe that sense of peace?

Paul –

I always say that life is happening in 360 degrees around you. So the real question is, are you paying attention?

This is the big thing people don’t understand. The universe is providing all you need, all around you. If you are paying attention, from your heart, then you will see the signs all around you.

I was always guided to go within to heal. I used to pray as a child, then I had an out of body experience when I was around 6 years old. I also had a teacher who taught me how to meditate when I was in school. This all showed up for me when my dad died. So I feel like life prepares you for the moment of now.

I went back and did a life review on myself, all the way from conception, those first two cells, to now. I was shown what to do. To go within to heal, to find those diamond light moments in your life, and to let go of any pain.

Let the pain go so you can fill up with God. That process started to happen for me through mediation very fast after my dad died.

It’s also very important that you reach out in life for what you need. I used to be very head-based. When I started living from my heart, that’s when my mind started to realign. But it’s a process, so you do have to be patient too.

Being patient is the big challenge, because you have to let go.

Dr. Andrea — One of the other unfolding of your magical journey is your music. Much like Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, when God first called on you to play music, you refused that call!

Paul — I remember hitting my metaphorical breaks hard and thinking, “You’ve got the wrong one here!”

I didn’t know how to start, how I would pay to make music or record in a studio. But all these things started to come to me. Little whispers from people, like, “Have you heard of Kickstarter?”

I even said no to these signs at first, and thought I could never do it. I didn’t want to embarrass myself or ask people for money. But then I thought back to how I’d learned as a child the importance of listening when God offers you solutions.

Dr. Andrea — So that’s how you got started. And I see you have just launched a Kickstarter for your next album!

Paul — This album that I’m doing now really aligns with this book. It’s about holding hands with those who are awakened, as all the authors are doing.

Dr. Andrea — The first time I met you, almost 3 years ago at a retreat, I remember you being almost a bit timid about singing for us. I remember sitting there in judgment, wishing you would sing! Your music is so beautiful and your voice has such a divine energy. I kept thinking, “Just sing.”

But then I got smacked upside the head, because that’s how my relationship with source is! I got filled with that same judgment for myself, because the divine had been telling me for years to sing. But I had been telling myself that I wasn’t as good as somebody else. I’d tried to ignore the call too!

But in India this year, I was sitting in the meditation room, and I got smacked upside the head again about something else. But it made me think of you! We all do ignore the call from the divine to begin with.

Paul — I have to tell you, while we are in confession mode, let’s tell some truths. When I first met you, I didn’t see you the way that I know you now. So I got smacked upside the head with you!

We met and had a nice meal together with some others, and it was fine but I hadn’t really seen you yet. Then you kept showing up wherever I was, you would be at the same event. I think I finally saw you properly in Spain. I was there to sing for all these people, and you were there in the corner just waving at me.

I think you and I have so much to do together in the future, so much to bloom. You’re teaching me things I didn’t see myself. Again, this is the reminder that life is happening in 360 degrees around us. We need to be listening.

So I really want to thank you for working with me and inviting me to be in this book. I think we are in this new alchemy that I think is about to leap forward with so many people now waking up.

Dr. Andrea — I so feel that. I think what this book has done for me, having started off as a wish to share miracle stories, it’s now becoming part of a space to open up and discuss this side of life even more.

Paul — The thing that’s really neat about this, is that all these new spaces is where we can get out of our own way. We are all programmed with beliefs from childhood.

I sometimes say that I’ve come out of the closet twice; once as being gay, but really it was much harder to come out as being spiritual.

I sometimes still get a little choked up telling people that I’m spiritual, even now. But the reality is that we are more alike than we are different. We are each little pieces of God. Once we start looking at each other in this way, you change the entire structure and fabric of this world.

I think that’s the mission as we are sharing our truth. I’m so grateful that you, and the other authors in Magic and Miracles shared their truth too.

Dr. Andrea — Exactly. So let’s talk about this other piece of truth that I have come to know about you. To begin with I knew you as a musician who has a healing ability through music. Then as you opened up, I learned that you’ve received messages from late spiritual teachers such as Louise Hay, Maya Angelou, Wayne Dyer and others.

So let’s talk about your ability as a medium and Clairaudient. Did this begin in childhood for you?

Paul — Yes. So something I experienced as a child but didn’t understand was what happened when my parents’ house was quiet. When they went of vacation, our house would just fill up with souls. It scared me, I needed to stop it.

I was the kid who got in trouble for always calling the psychic hotline! I knew something was going on, but I didn’t fully know.

So with Louise Hay, I had a vision that she was going to pass soon. Of course I kept this to myself, it’s not something that you can talk about! When she died, or transitioned, I had never met her in person.

At her 90th birthday celebration I was invited up onto the stage after my song was played. There were 2000 people there, all with their hands on their hearts, which was really special. The message came through the woman who had looked after Louise for years, Aliyah. The message was about the gift of my music that Louise had listened to on the day she passed. What’s interesting is that Louise showed up for me later on, around this time last year. She spoke to me in my sleep, telling me to ask Aliyah about something as she would know what to do. Even after I woke, she was still there in my room. This has never happened before! I could still hear her on my right side.

The visits from people usually come in the morning. What a lot of people don’t understand is that we all have this ability, this inner technology. But you have to turn up your love frequency to use it; from your heart and with commitment.

Our abilities start to come online when we are ready for this. And I think if you are reading this book or watching this interview, then you are ready.

Dr. Andrea — The shift has really been happening for me for the last couple of years. I’ve learned to say yes and to surrender and allow.

I’ve had many new authors come to me at Make Your Mark Global, and ask, “But who am I to write a book?”

It’s a concern that I remember feeling myself at the beginning of my career in TV. So I say to them that there is a big change coming, and we are all being called to step up and share our truth. And while there may be other books on your subject, nobody has read that message in your voice before.

Paul — I think it’s really important to say that you are doing things differently, because you are actually listening to what’s going on out there. And it’s not about fame, that has no place in this stuff. I think we need to start being responsible about who we are making famous, as this is going to be the future.

So thank God you are doing this. We need more people like these authors to be following their inner divine technology by sharing their truth.

Following my path with my music has literally led some amazing people right to my door. Some of these people who have worked with me have developed amazing psychic skills, and they started off not really knowing how their gifts worked.

I talked about the messages that come through to me earlier from people who have passed. I want to share one of these messages with everyone. So here it is.

The messages from the other side are feather light, and lighter than a feather. They feel like whispers, simply because they are light, loving energy. They are not oppressive, but feather light, and this is why we often miss them. We need to be still to receive them, or we won’t hear them.

Sometimes we get a thump upside the head, but those are not the same! We have to really listen. If you want to get the messages from spirit, you really need to get into that light, peaceful place. That’s where mediation, music and turning off the news all come into play.

Connect with Paul at

Paul Luftenegger’s Albums:

  1. Beautiful World / Blessings From Above
  2. Worthy
  3. Diamond Light
  4. Love Expanding Love
  5. The Miracle of You
  6. Faith

To get your copy of Magic and Miracles: Head here for the US Amazon store, or head to for more info.

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