Gordon Tredgold’s Approach on Leadership

The Man Changing Companies One Leader at a Time

Gordon Tredgold. Source: Here

Gordon Tredgold has been on the forefront in inspiring leaders to develop engaged teams that have simplified but clear plans and possess the ability to deliver revolutionary results. He has an exclusive ability to assess difficult situations and determine what the organization can do differently. Gordon uses this knowledge to develop simple solutions that are easy to understand and implement and deliver sustainable results very fast. This article provides an overview of his life and how he achieves great results. One of the critical elements to understand about the life of Gordon is the foundation of his career.

The Foundation of Gordon’s Career

Gordon traces his origin in Leeds in the Northern part of England. The early passion of Gordon was mathematics and rugby. Most people thought Gordon was too small to play rugby, but he proved them wrong through his determination, tenacity, commitment and the natural leadership skills that he possessed. He used his experience of playing rugby to understand the importance of inspiration, teamwork, and strategy. He also discovered that the best team needs a lot of preparation for it to win. Gordon is an example of individuals who work smart and reports extraordinary results. He has been able to succeed in situations where other great minds did not make it. He has excellent analytical skills that he uses to make winning business decisions.

How Gordon Uses His Analytical Skills

One thing that Gordon realized is that he could use his analytical skills to assist individuals to get more effective and simpler solutions to their problems. He aspires to combine his problem-solving skills and winning attitude for purposes of professionalism. Gordon has been taking advantage of the current developments in the IT industry to add a lot of value to the business world. Gordon develops simple plans that are easy to understand. However, his strategies assisted him to develop teams that were highly engaged and empowered. He knows from his rugby playing days that simple plans inspire teams and help them to achieve amazing results.

Gordon’s Leadership Success Stories

Gordon is a great inspiration when it comes to leading by example. In fact, he has achieved several amazing results by choosing to lead from the front. Gordon was able to deliver a $30m project in 3 months, yet the original estimation was 18 months. Moreover, he successfully delivered $100m at one of the Leading Logistics Company yet this project had been struggling for two years with no hope of breaking even. He also managed to implement a program that reduced the management cost by $350 within seven years and increased the operation performance by 200 percent in one of the manufacturing companies. Gordon developed his brand as a turnaround expert courtesy of these successes. He has been able to work with Fortune 100 companies from three continents such as Henkel, DHL, Kreditbank, TUI, Barclaycard, London electrics, and Barclays among others. Gordon has been leading global departments that have more than 1000 employees. He is well known for spearheading Strategic Change Initiatives and leading operational performance improvement program. He has written three books to assist individuals and groups achieve inspired results. All his publications are about leadership and management.


Gordon is one of the greatest personalities that have a great passion for leadership. He is always willing to assist any leader who wants to make an impact in the world to meet his objectives. One thing you will love about Gordon is his using of simple strategies to develop practical solutions to complex problems. He has a vision of getting workable solutions to the uncountable number of challenges that face Africa and transform them into great opportunities and projects. He is ranked among the top 100 management and leadership experts by the Heralded in Inc Magazine. He possesses a strong sense of humor and believes that it significantly reduces the levels of stress and that teams work harder when they laugh together. Gordon Tredgold is a great inspiration and role model to current and aspiring leaders. Check out his video on why you shouldn’t be so quick to fire!

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