Gratitude Before or After

Are You Grateful Before, After or Both?

Let’s face it. Many take the stance that they will be grateful when they have what they desire. To those folks, I say there’s a pretty good chance you’ll never see it. You’ve got to be willing to open up, and gratitude opens you to receive.

The more you sit around moaning and complaining, out in the world or even inside your own head, about what you don’t have, the more you are out of sync with what you do want and in turn the more you push what you want away.

The strange thing about this is that the more you complain, the more your ego-mind can justify complaining because less and less abundance will show up.

Your ego-mind will likely scream “it’s unfair”, but nevertheless the fact is it’s just your energy in motion, responding to your feelings.

What if, click, in the next moment you found the missing piece for you? Again, I challenge you to open up. The Universe is willing to supply
you with exactly what you need. However…

It’s difficult to get the ocean through a drinking straw.

Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues,
but the parent of all the others. — Cicero

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