Great Crafting Ideas For Fall Foliage

Great Crafting Ideas For Those Glorious Fall Leaves

Utilizing Leaves For Art

One of the most enjoyable things about the autumn season is looking at colorful fall leaves. Though they can be a nuisance in the yard, leaves can also be a source of beauty all year long when used in leaf art. Instead of getting out the rake, consider these wonderful uses for the red, orange, and yellow leaves of fall.

Scrap booking

Using fall leaves in scrap booking is a wonderful way to preserve a memory of a special trip or simply jazz up an otherwise plain page. The vivid colors of recently-turned maple and oak leaves can lend textural and visual interest surrounding memorable anecdotes or photos. Fall leaves can also be used as a background upon which other items, such as stickers, photos, or frames, may be mounted.


Much like scrap booking, collages are a fun way to commemorate a place, season, or trip. The varying colors and shapes of fall leaves can provide some much-needed variation to an otherwise boring collage. Including leaves in an autumn-themed collage gives natural, earthy element.


To preserve an autumn leaf forever, try laminating it. A laminated leaf will prevent the leaf from becoming brittle, and the added protection of the plastic sheeting will enable the leaf to be displayed on a bulletin board, window, or wall all year round.


Though perhaps not the first art project that comes to mind when considering fall leaves, jewelry featuring natural materials has gained popularity in recent years. One way to turn a fall leaf into a necklace is to immerse a fresh leaf into a resin mold. Allow the resin mold to cure overnight, and in the morning you will have a pendant ready to be attached to a chain or cord. Using a fall leaf in jewerly will make for a truly unique conversation piece.

Making coasters

Making coasters using fall leaves is one more way to make fall leaves last all four seasons in the home. An easy method of making coasters starts with using pre-cut wooden or plastic discs (found at any arts and crafts store). Glue the fresh leaf onto the disc. Cover the leaf and the disc with a few coats of clear, waterproof varnish, allowing each coat to dry between applications.

Enriching school projects

Fall leaves and school projects go hand-in-hand. Not only are leaves free, but they educate youngsters about the changing seasons. Leaf rubbings can teach children about the veining and shapes of various leaves. Leaves can also be used for simple crafts, such as construction-paper cards or temporary hanging ornaments. Reading books about seasonal changes and then using real fall leaves as part of a craft project afterward can also be a fun and interactive way for children to appreciate fall foliage.

There are so many artful uses for autumn leaves. Leaf art inspires the imagination, and being creative can heighten the enjoyment of the fall season for all ages.