Great Ordinary People

They Are All Around Us

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Some people are much more respected because of their high-statuses that are determined by the majority of society.

Some of them set foot on the moon, others have made revolutionary discoveries, and others have set world records and won prestigious awards.

Usually we associate greatness with the notion of being noble. And being noble is easily known and seen by the majority of society.

That’s a fact. History knows people who have gained full right to be called “great.” And life and history will continue to grow “great” people who will do “great” things and change the world.

In the shadow of the “great” live the “great ordinary” people. They won’t remain in the history books and their names won’t be written in the Guinness World Records. They will not have monuments build after them. Yet, they do exist — among us.

Who are the “great ordinary” people?

· The Mother who never stops working while she’s raising her children.

· The Father who work from early morning to late at night or who goes on a military mission and leaves his family for a long time, so he can provide for his family.

· The Doctor who remains at the hospital after a long night shift to take on another surgery and help a colleague and a patient in need.

· The Teacher who does everything in his or her power to help students be more, to feel more and to keep pushing forward.

· The Youngsters who work full-time while going to college to pay tuition fees.

· The Wife who supports her husband with all of her love in most difficult and stressful times for him.

· The Bus Driver who takes off and stops to open the doors for a passenger missing the bus within a few seconds.

· The Son who supports his family with love and financial support just as his parents have done for him while he was growing up.

· The Daughter who doesn’t allow a day to pass by without calling her parents making sure they are okay.

· The Child who never stops trying to convince his or her father to stop smoking, so his health isn’t affected long-term.

· The Friend who cares about you unconditionally and is always there for you no matter what.

· The Man (as in humankind) who gives of him or herself without expecting anything in return. Just because that’s the right thing to do.

· The Father who hurries home after work, so he can spend time with the family.

· The Lovebirds who care for each other and love each other unconditionally and give each other hope for the future.

· The Coaches who give so much from themselves for children’s development in sports.

· The Writer who writes books that change people’s lives for the better.

The list is so long. Every time I witness anything similar, my heart is touched.

Positive psychologists use the term “moral exaltation.” When such moments happen and we notice them, they deeply remind us of what is truly to be a human — a human of greatness. Such moments make my soul cry — there are so many “great ordinary” people in this world.

“Great ordinary” people don’t seek recognition.

“Great ordinary” people don’t want rewards.

“Great ordinary” people don’t aspire to be noticed by majority.

They simply are what they are. They are “great ordinary” people. They follow their moral principles. They move and act in life invisibly.

Did I say “invisibly?” Yes, that is because their footprints always remain in other people’s hearts.

Not all of us will be “great” by society’s definition. But on the other hand, nothing prevents us from being “great ordinary” people and to continue to strive to be such on daily basis and to give greatness to others.

We are born this way. We are born to be “great ordinary” people.

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