Happy Accidents

How to embrace the unexpected things in life.

Happy accidents…those things you aren’t intending but turn out to be pretty great.

I was trying to take a selfie of me and my dog B…he was not cooperating and I accidentally took this picture instead. I didn’t find it until later when I was going through the ten selfies I took, you know… to find the perfect one. Instead I found this incredible photo.

This picture has no filters, no adjustments, it was not a mistake…it was a happy accident.

Sometimes when we let ourselves play and make mistakes we can find ourselves in the middle of the happiest accident. 
Especially with your writing. Just letting go of all the rules and restrictions…play with your character, let them make mistakes and create happy accidents. 
If you ask most writers they will tell you that the best scene they ever wrote, the best characters they ever created, the most genius plot twist, the most incredible lines…were the product of a happy accidents.

What have you done “by accident” that turned out to be something fantastic and happy?

❤ ❤ ❤

Originally published at bookmatchmaker.wordpress.com on July 11, 2017.