Have you checked in lately?

Image: Phyllis Kee-Stewart

Mirrors hold no secrets as the reflections are authentic, but the interpretations are up for grabs and relative to the desires of the viewer.

At this point in my life I choose not to be a viewer but a participant in the way of my waves…I choose to actively participate, in both night and day, surrounded by my authentic emotions that are as clear a representation of my feelings as I can muster….

I choose to point in, before I point outwards as I want to check myself out before I’m asked to check myself in.

Weekly I make sure I detach from the invited and uninvited weeds to fly up to 30,000 or 70,000 feet to review my progress towards my stated goals…it is here that I assess, strategize and plan the week ahead before I return to the needy, necessary weeds…

My version of checking in the be-ending, so whenever I need to go out, I am ready.

…how about you? Have you checked in lately?

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