Have You Discovered Your Purpose Yet?

This is what life is all about…right? How often are we asked “what is your purpose here on earth?”

It can be an overwhelming question when you feel like you need to arrive at an answer. THE answer.

Like you’re falling short or failing if you don’t really know what your purpose is. Like you are not significant or worthy if you can’t come up with a powerfully insightful answer.

Here are the most important things I have discovered about purpose.

  1. YES we absolutely all have one. I truly believe this with all my heart. It is unique to each indiviual even though you may feel like your purpose is copycatting someone else’s. No one can do it the way you do it and put your unique snow flake spin on it. So never let that stop you.
  2. You don’t need one purpose. It’s not a destination. Your purpose is a forever evolving and growing fire in your belly. What may start out small will grow and change until the day you die. You may feel like your purpose for now is to make as many people smile as you can. This soon becomes second nature to you and you desire MORE of an impact. So you decide you really want to serve in some form so you volunteer at an animal shelter. This feels SO good deep within your soul you decide you are going to travel to Africa to help one of the villages and their people and animals. And the purpose keeps growing.
  3. The one thing that does remain strong and unwavering is your passion. This is the driving force behind your purpose no matter how many times it changes. No matter what you choose as your purpose in life at that time, it will be in your heart. It will be bigger than you. And it will be driven by absolute PASSION to create change.
  4. Purpose means making a difference in this world. Creating change. Wanting more for people around you. It means stepping way outside your comfort zone and facing and overcoming your own fears for the bigger picture. A ripple effect of your uniqueness.

But to really discover your purpose you need to take some time to discover yourdelf first. What lights you up?What would you do for free because you know you just HAVE to do that thing? What gets you out of bed in the morning with that eagerness to get into it??


So braindump a list of things and start trying them. Remember, your purpose is NOT a destination so sometimes you will choose things thinking they are your purpose OR convincing yourself it is and do it anyway. BUT THAT’s OKAY. Because for every path you go down, even when it feels WAY OFF, it is leading you closer and closer to your purpose my love.

The secret is to never setlle. Keep striving for your purpose. Keep learning from your experiences. Keep trying things rather than feeling like you need to get it right the first time.

It’s coming my lovely I promise. And it WILL fill your heart and then some.

I Love you. So should you.

Love + Empoweremnt

Ingrid Lecke xoxo

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