Have you ever dreamed of working on the beach?

Here’s how I do it.

I’m sure you’ve seen those photos of folks sitting in a beach chair with their laptops. That is one sure way to ruin your computer.

I work at the beach often. At least 2 or 3 times a year. Thanks to great technology, cool apps, and some good old-fashioned beach smarts, I get a ton done. With the best views and lunch breaks ever.

Here’s what I use:

  • My iPhone: I have used my iPhone at the beach for years. Loaded with the right apps, you can do pretty much anything.
  • The Apps: Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides make it easy to create, edit, and share work stuff. Canva’s app is great for creating and editing graphics. Evernote and Trello allow me to mange projects with ease.
  • Protection: Of course you’ll need personal sun protection. Your phone needs protection, too. I use a Geckobrands waterproof bag to hold my phone. I can type, draw, and even take pictures while keeping my phone safe.
  • Portable Power Pack: Adds juice to your phone, headphones, etc. My cheero Power Plus isn’t the newest, but it has a face! And two charging ports.
  • Headphones: For the all important phone calls and conferences.
  • Notebook: Because I still do my best writing and planning on paper first.
  • Comfy Chair: Mine has a headrest, adjustable back, and built-in mini-cooler.

All of the above fit easily in my beach bag. Except the chair. I use its handy backpack straps to carry it around.

If your work is flexible enough that you are not tied to a desk or workspace, feel free to take it to the beach with you.

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